10 (+1) Not-to-miss-out-on-options at Cafe Bai Breakfast Buffet

We sure had our expectations soaring and although we did not want to get our hopes up with what Bai Hotel Cebu has in store for us, our hopes were already up and let’s just say, it never went down and that is totally fine, because Bai Hotel Cebu did not only met it, but exceeded it! Do not even get us started with their food because they are superb with that, too! We got to delight in their food first hand by dining at Cafe Bai twice.

Cafe Bai is the dining place in Bai Hotel Cebu wherein we had two of our breakfast buffets in and it certainly was a wide spread. No kidding, no sugarcoating, no exaggerating, their variance of food for the two breakfast buffets we had with them were loaded and overflowing and here’s just a peek of what they got:

1.) Filipino Fare

Of course, this one is a present choice! They got a bunch of Pinoy munchies that you sure will love, such as kutsinta, sapin-sapin, biko, suman, putobumbong, and bibingka. They even got Cebu’s version of hot chocolate made of roasted ground cacao seeds, Sikwate; and if you are lucky, there are days that you can enjoy a good ole classic cup of yummy taho.

2.) Western Wowsies

Classic waffles and pancakes also are available for the kids at heart – and that includes us! You can even play those two up alongside French toast by spreading unsalted butter onto it, or go for strawberry or cherry jam, maple syrup, as well as orange marmalade. You can also munch on the classic bacon plus egg tandem!

3.) Indian Eats

Don’t be afraid to also spice up your morning and head onto a spread of Indian faves like Chicken masala, Vegetable Mepakora, Naan Bread, Minted Yogurt, and of course, the classic pairing that is pita bread and hummus. These yummies sure are a treat to the palate.

4.) Korean Nomnoms

Take your palate onto a flight flavor and indulge in an array of Korean dishes that would make you feel like you are in the streets of Korea. Pajeon (Korean pancake), Stir fry Veggies, as well Sundubu-jjigar (Korean spicy tofu) are just a few of your choices here.

5.) Egg Station

For a brighter and cheerier morning, don’t forget to grab yourself some eggs. You can have ‘em in any way you feel like having it. They can make you an omelette, Egg’s Benedict, Sunny side Up, and Egg Frittata. Flavor it more with ham, mushroom, tomato, onion, pepper, and even cheese!

6.) Asian Variance

With a lot of Asian guests, Café Bai also has a spread that would be able to cater the Asian palate and sure is adored by many, ready to be eaten right in time for breakfast. Here you will also be able to see more Pinoy dishes as well as some Japanese faves!

7.) Heavy Mains

And if you are nursing a big appetite, don’t worry because you need not to fill yourself with munchies after munchies, as you certainly could go big right away. Café Bai is also serving heavy mains such as roasted marble potato, buttered turnips, sausage, pork and beans, alongside cuban picadillo.

8.) Carving

Not only can your huge appetite be filled by mains, but also you can grab yourself a plate full of scrumptious meats like roasted chicken, crispy bacon, and ham leg! It’s like Christmas Eve, but really, it is just another wonderful day with Café Bai.

9.) Breads & Pastries

If you are one who likes to keep it chill, but filled, you will never go wrong with carbs. Café Bai’s array of breads and pastries is really full of yummies that is just so hard to walk pass on. Here you can indulge in different bread kinds such as mango danish, ensaymada, strawberry danish, croissant, cheese parmesan, assorted muffins, and a lot more.

10.) A ton of delectable extra options

We just could not stress out hard enough how wide Café Bai’s breakfast buffet is, because as much as we have talked a ton about it already, there is just still so much more like soup, fruits, assorted cold cuts, assorted canapes, peanuts, salads, noodles, cereals, yogurts, and a whole lot more pastries, like butter pudding and Chinese white bread!

Bonus: Of course, not only nomnoms are available here. Helping you to gobble down everything you have chosen and picked up on the way back to your table, don’t forget to snatch some drinks to down. Café Bai offers a bunch of bevs such as Coffee, Pepsi products, Fruit Juices, Iced Teas, Chocolate drink, and even Lemon infused water available in cold and warm.

There you have it, Café Bai Breakfast Buffet, everyone! These are 10 + a whole lot more stuff not to miss out on when you dine with them. Don’t be shy and tell us how yours went once you get the chance to eat with them as well.

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Address: Ouano Ave, cor C.D.Seno, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu

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Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 6AM to 10PM – All Day Dining Schedule

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