10 Reasons Why You Should Be At The Lake District Tagaytay This Summer!

20170305_173836Traveling down south has been one of the things that we look forward to. Not only of the newest places and wondrous sights to see but also because of great restaurants that awaits.

20170305_172654Like for example, Tagaytay has been one of the places in the South that has grown so much closer to our hearts. We recently had the chance to come across The Lake District and below are the 10 reasons why you should check this restaurant out!

  1. They have a roof deck bar that has the view of Taal Volcano and Tagaytay City.

2. They advocate Selfless Behavior. There are quite a few restaurants that we know of     that goes above and beyond and make it their lifelong mission to promote an advocacy.


3. They’ve got the best Mains and scrumptious other dishes to feast on along with your friends and  family.


Baked Fish in Melted Mozarella


Porchetta with Lake District Liver Sauce


Adobo Glazed Pork Ribs with Grilled Pineapple Rum


Birthday Plate


The Lake District Gising Gising


Salted Egg Linguini with Smoked Fish Flakes

4.  They provide great customer service.  You have a good sense of feeling that their customer is really their priority.



5.  They’ve got ample space making it convenient for you to easily get a table despite the peak hours.  A spacious restaurant that can serve as your venue for your special events.


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