How to Throw an Impromptu and Practical Salu-Salo?

When it comes to feast and celebrations, Filipinos will never be left behind.  We surely know how to throw an extravagant party.  We definitely know how to spend those cash. But more often that not, these only applies to those that are well-off.  For the rest of us, spending tons of cash is not a very wise option. But there’s an easy fix on how … Continue reading How to Throw an Impromptu and Practical Salu-Salo?

Culasa: A Hidden Gem in the Big City.

If you’re the kind of person who simply can’t complete her meal without the dessert,  then you simply must try Culasa Bakeshop and Restaurant.   From it’s name, one will think that it’s an unsophisticated and a very suburban like restaurant that you won’t expect to be sitting in a very commercial city of Makati.   But the moment that you step inside their quaint little Resto, you … Continue reading Culasa: A Hidden Gem in the Big City.

The Cookie Monster in Me.

If you know Sesame Street, then you will surely remember Cookie Monster.  He’s that character in the show who couldn’t go through a day without eating a cookie. He’s got that insatiable appetite on cookies, that no matter what he’s doing or what he’s up to, will definitely not matter because he will simply stop and munch on cookies instead. But this post is simply not … Continue reading The Cookie Monster in Me.

Heaven in one bite!

I have always been gastronomically delighted with those round, oval, or heart-shaped Tarts.  Whenever I want one, I find myself scouting for “Pasalubong” stores within the metro just to satisfy my cravings.  When I am on an out of town trip, it will always be a part of my routine, to check if such town offers their own version of these.  My pasalubong list will … Continue reading Heaven in one bite!