8 Reasons Why You Should Hang-out at the Mermaid Pool Bar of I’M Hotel

When we think about pool bars, what we normally picture is a typical bar on the side of a pool. It is where a bartender fixes you a drink and some pica pica and that’s it.

The Mermaid Pool Bar of I’M Hotel is certainly just like that and more. Check out the many differences below.



  1. To provide relaxation and comfort is their core mission. Upon stepping foot at their Pool area, several comfy, classy and cool cushioned seats are in placed.



2. They have cool and Instagram worthy murals all over the place. It gives an artistic vibe to the whole area.  Even their bar is accentuated by a beautiful mermaid mural that complements and gives that certain glow to the bar.






3. They have a wide selection of drinks. You may choose from different cocktails, draft beers, mocktails, wines and spirits. There is surely a drink for everyone.



4. The pool side is a sight to behold.  The soothing and calming effect of by just looking at it is so addicting.

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