CARAMIA: A New Creamy Party Package!

Want to hear some good news? You can now bring your favorite creamy Italian favorite during one of your parties, with their new gelato party package!

Caramia’s new party package guarantees to give you and your guests a delicious and authentic Italian gelato fix. From a starting price of Php 4,500, you can now add a sweet new treat to any of your celebrations! To get the hype even more interesting, the package automatically comes with a handy dandy server, to help you have the full Caramia Gelato Experience!


The first and biggest package is called a Premium Gelato Cart which serves up to 250 regular scoops of awesome creamy goodness; ideal for big reunions or corporate events. For smaller gatherings, there are Gelato Carts that serves 100 to 150 regular scoops only and will of course, still come with the same designed cart as the premium one. If by any chance, you still think that this serving is still too big for you, then try their tabletop thermal box package which serves up to 50 regular gelato scoops, perfect for a more intimate gathering. ( See the full list below)


Now, you’re probably wondering how many Gelato flavors is allowed for each of the itemized packages? well, it’s pretty simple: all Gelato Cart packages comes with 6 gelato flavors, while the thermal box only comes with a maximum of 3 gelato flavors. Once you decide to avail of this new package, you will be requested to choose which flavor would you like to be served to you and your guests. This is to ensure that all flavors are carefully hand-picked so you won’t be left eating your least favorite gelato during any of your parties.


How do we know about this? Well, Caramia allowed us to get a glimpse of their idea of a perfect Gelato party by hosting one of their own. I was fortunate enough to witness first-hand, their beautifully crafted Gelato Cart filled with my favorite comfort food- assorted gelato flavors!


So yes, I am very much convinced that every now and then, my guests deserve a sweet little treat to finish off their meal. Always make your party worth remembering, with Caramia’s New Gelato Party Packages!


Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato
Facebook: Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato

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