Vivere Hotel: Timeless Class and Comfort in the South


Very few hotels I believe has really stood the test of time. With this time and age everyone wants to be at the newest and hottest hotel in town. But Vivere Hotel is a testament to the fact that being new may not always be an edge. In fact, it emphasizes the fact that because of  their years of experience, new hotels could learn a thing or two on maintaining regular clientele and gaining new ones.

Groomed with class and sophistication, Vivere Hotel is armed not only with history but is also equipped with well trained staffs that provides excellent customer service, lavish and spacious rooms and complete amenities for all your personal and business needs.


We were very fortunate enough to experienced Vivere Hotel’s Vivere Grand Penthouse accommodation. It’s a three-bedroom penthouse that looks like your cozy and impressive apartment rather than a regular hotel room.  With its elegant living room, spacious dining area, functional kitchenette and exclusive bathroom on every room, one can easily forget that you’re at a hotel and feel just right at home.







But Vivere Hotel is what we often say as more than meets the eye as it  maybe one of the oldest hotel in Alabang but it certainly was and still one of the bang for the buck hotel in town. It caters to not only your personal leisure but to the growing needs of your business. Just like this very spacious Business Center that they have.




Other than that, they also have the Executive Lounge that doesn’t only offer you a sweet view of Alabang but also gives you the comfort and serenity that you are looking for.






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