Unlimited Steaks on Weekends at CRU Steakhouse

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We know you loved CRU Steakhouse’s unlimited steaks on Sundays. Now you can indulge in unlimited slabs of tender U.S. Certified Angus Beef and a dessert buffet on Saturdays too, for only Php 1,700 per person! CRU’s Bistro Lunch is the best way to start the year!

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Elevate your weekend lunch experience with this standout menu. Start off with an exquisite appetizer with a choice of sustainable shrimp cocktail in garlic barbeque aioli with cucumber-avocado salsa, a rich, buttery foie gras with beet puree, mango and lime chutney, and brioche toast or a bowl of creamy mushroom soup with mushroom ragout and truffle oil. For the main course, a well-marbled and perfectly grilled slabs of steak to savor to your heart’s content. Of course, let’s not forget the sides to complement your steak, a classic garlic whipped potato, sautéed carrots, thick and flavorful mushroom risotto, and black peppercorn sauce. Lastly, to satisfyingly fill you to the brim is a dessert buffet table featuring signature cakes and sweets by Marriott Manila’s Executive Pastry Chef, Fil Afable. All this sumptuous selection you can enjoy while reveling in the finest ambiance.

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Your weekend lunches has never been this impressive! Don’t miss out on this amazing Bistro Lunch (11:30am-2:30pm) deal! Make your reservations now at CRU Steakhouse for this luxurious treat!

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