Get Comfy with Satisfying Dishes at Open Kitchen Sheridan!

Your tummy better be ready, because Open Kitchen Sheridan branch has a lot of comfort food to offer! Offering a variance of dishes, Open Kitchen Sheridan is well loved by their diners, especially yuppies as they are strategically located in an office building. They even do promos from time to time in order to alleviate the heaviness of having a tight budget when petsa de peligro days are coming.

With that, Open Kitchen Sheridan branch really is popping with different food brands that are ready to lift up the mood of their diners, especially when their offices are just too toxic and stressful for them. Here are six yummy food avaiblae at Open Kitchen Sheridan branch that will surely bring comfort in every mouthful:

1. Lugaw with Bagnet by Ligaya Altanghap (Facebook | Instagram)

Ligaya Altaghap promises happiness all throughout the day by highlighting a fare of familiar Filipino dishes that are just so hard to say no to! Their Lugaw with Bagnet is a crowd favourite as it has to yummy Pinoy food in one owl and that’s more than the comfort their diners already need.

2. Chicken Wings by ChickenZilla (Facebook)

It’s controversial to other cultures when people eat usong their bare hands, but for Filipinos, that’s a sign of peak comfort and enjoyment! These Chicken Wings meals by ChickenZilla is a testament to how much the diners take pleasure as they get all handsy with this one.

3. Fresh Lumpia with Special Egg Wrapper by Aboy’s Fresh Lumpia (Facebook)

Another filling dish to have at Open Kitchen Sheridan is none other than this Fresh Lumpia with Egg Wrapper by Aboy’s Fresh Lumpia. Thjis dish is as straightforward as it is, filled generously with veggies, and is as saucy as you imagine it to be!

4. Pork Sisig Meal by Siga Sisig (Facebook | Instagram)

Sisig is not only good with beers, it is undeniably also good with rice. Pair those two and you got full satisfying meal. And if pork sisig is not your thing, do check Siga Sisig’s stall, because other sisig variants like chicken and even fish.

5. Lechon Belly Slab by Timplador (Facebook | Instagram)

Turn a regular day into a some kind of fiesta when you get even just a bite of Timplador’s L:echon Belly Slab! Its skin is crispy and its meat is tender and tasty that you will be going for another cup of rice until you lost count of many cup you actually had already.

6. Shawarma by Shawarma & Kebab by Fadi (Facebook)

Last, but definitely not the least… if you only have a short break and you need a quick delicious fix to bring to your table, go for Shawarma & Kebab by Fadi’s Shawarma! This one is loaded with meat and veggies, served hot and fresh, all for your taking!

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Featured Branch: Open Kitchen – Sheridan branch

Address: Rockwell Business Center, Sheridan, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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