Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe

We know you guys love us for featuring and highlighting Filipino food and Filipino culture, but of course we also know that you enjoy knowing about all our other food adventures and kitchen plays. With that, the recipe we have prepared for you today is not at all Filipino, but of course, we have tweaked it in accordance to our palate, the Filipino palate. Honey … Continue reading Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe

Special Moments Made Extra Special by Lanterna

The stigma on healthy food being tasteless really is just not right, because with Lanterna, people do not only get tasty and healthy food, but satisfying, too! This is the place to be if someone wants a food adventure like no other in the beautiful island of Boracay. Luigi, the owner, is offering authentic Italian cuisine with, of course, a touch of Pinoy fusion.  Guests … Continue reading Special Moments Made Extra Special by Lanterna

Pinoy-style Carbonara Recipe

It has been a while since we talked about a pasta dish but do not fret, because today is the day we turn things around. You guys know we have an undying love for pasta, after all.  Classic Carbonara is mainly made with seasoned spaghetti with beaten and lots of cheese. That’s honestly just how it is, but then again, we FIlipinos love putting a … Continue reading Pinoy-style Carbonara Recipe