CDO Longganisa Breakfast Platter

Relax. We heard you, we listened to you, and we got you. You want yet another filling breakfast to kickstart your day with and of course, who are we to deny you that, right? I hope you are ready for this because we surely have come prepared to take you away with our CDO Longganisa Breakfast Platter, starring our favorite CDO Skinless Longganisa! You all … Continue reading CDO Longganisa Breakfast Platter

Bagnet 4 Ways Recipe

Bagnet is a popular dish here in the Philippines that originated from Ilocos. It is pork belly boiled until its outside is brown and crispy, and its meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful. Eating this is as sumptuous as you imagine it to be. That’s why it is often served during fiestas, parties, or even intimate gatherings between friends and families.  Bagnet is amazing as … Continue reading Bagnet 4 Ways Recipe