From backroom to speakeasy real quick: RM-16 is all about clean fun, especially when you just feel all over and done

Hello, Upper East Siders.

Have you heard of a little backroom that actually is not one? From what I have gathered, anyone who is always up for some secret and mystery will find this place such a perfect treat, so ready your glasses because I’ve got enough evidence that a certain numbered room could be your absolute hide out if you’re on the hunt for an escape.

Not gossip girl

Excuse my Gossip Girl reference introduction, will you? I just recently started watching it and I would be lying if I deny how much the show got me more than just hooked!

Anyway, let’s put the spotlight to what really is the highlight of my talk for today, and if you love just chilin’ with some great booze and awesome tunes, then I’ve got this neatly wrapped gift that even has a ribbon for that extra little accent just for you.

If you have dined with Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew at Kapitolyo, then you might have noticed and wondered about a bit of a crowd that keeps on coming in and out of what might seem a not-so-hidden door. Don’t worry, it’s not Narnia because the passageway to that place is an intricate wooden wardrobe. Don’t even say it’s Wonderland because we all know Alice followed a rabbit down a rabbit hole to get there. I’m going to let you in in a secret and unlike other secrets, I don’t expect you to keep it… Ever heard of RM-16?

From just an extra backroom, to a stockroom, and finally to a full-blown speakeasy, RM-16 surely has gone from a 0 to more than a 100 and has been a secret for far too long that finally they are ready to shed a bit of a light into their beautiful darkness.

With a bar filled with drinks that would give you a push on courage or maybe help you forget for a while, RM-16 is definitely up for any agenda of yours as they for sure won’t disappoint you as you will be delighting in every sip, indulging in the comfort of their plush couches that seems to be giving you a relaxing embrace that would lift that heavy burden off your shoulders.

As this place is undeniably hidden from the knowledge of some, if not many, why not start with a drink that would really give you a sense of a beautiful haven perfect for a getaway? RM-16’s Hidden Paradise (Php 270) is of gin, lychee, aloe vera, juice, lime, and grapes so expect a fruity taste that is nonetheless herbaceous and clean.

After that, if you still want more fruity treat, then grab yourself the Peruvian Sour (Php 260) which actually is their flagship drink that also plays off as sour and foamy. This yummy drink is of white rum, cachaca, passion fruit, lime, and bitters.

Meanwhile, if you are like me who truly is a self-proclaimed dessert lover or sweet lover, whatever you might call it, my favorite among what I have tasted so far is RM-16’s Toasted S’mores (Php 280). This one got me reaching for and sipping on my drink non-stop because of its sweet, nutty, and pastry mishmash of delectable flavors which is all thanks to whisky, frangelico, hazelnut, milk, marshmallows, grahams, and pistachios, so be sure to miss out on this one when you get the chance!

And while you are at it, you will no doubt be easing into the zone of complete clean fun and enjoyment as they play great music that you would be able to have casual chats or deep conversations in.

RM-16 has a wide bar menu that you will love, especially if you are drinker. They have cocktails, beers, champagne and wines, and of course, they also have sodas, juices, and mixers if you’re not in the mood for some alcohol gratification. Plus, they, too, have a bunch of bar chows and skewers that would be great to munch on while you’re in a sesh of catch up or getting-to-know-each-other kind of thing.

The RM 16 is located within Titto’s Latin BBQ and Brew Restaurant in Kapitolyo.

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