4 Ube Quarantreats You Won’t Be Able To Say No To!

We have talked about Ube Cheese Bites yesterday and we know we got your drooling for that oh-so-awesome treat. However, if you weren’t able to get your hands on those, then consider yourself lucky, because today we are here to bring you more uberrific choices for you to try!

1.) Ube Pan de Coco

If you have gotten a taste of the luscious ube pandesal that was all the rave a few days back, you might want to expand your ubelicious adventure and go have Ube Pan de Coco by Casa 1549 Bakery, a homebakery owned by Filipina model Jeanine Tsoi. This ube quanrantreat you sure will enjoy is soft, airy, and loaded with coconut filling that is nestled inside that vibrant, purple-colored bread. Grab a dozen of this for Php 380 only!

To order, visit their Instagram page or conact them at 0916-371-5112.

2.) Ube Flavored Custard-filled Croissant

Craving for a pastry that would make you feel like a bit lush than what you are having every now and then? A croissant is what you should be going for then! A croissant really just gives you that luxurious feel as if you are in a fancy hotel having your breakfast buffet even though you are just spending a wonderful lazy afternoon in your own garden. That being said, love up this Ube Flavored Custard-filled Croissant by Flossom Kitchen + Cafe. You can also have them in Milk, Strawberry, and Chocolate! Get a box of four for only Php 550.

To order this quarantreat, call 8356-69-00 or send a Viber message to (0977) 107-0493. Their branch in Flossom Place, N. Averilla Street, San Juan City is also open for pick-up. Check out their Instagram page, too!

3.) Ube Cheese Bibingka

In search for something that is just labelled Pinoy all over? Well, get excited because here is Bibingka Manila’s Ube Cheese Bibingka. This quarantreat will have you celebrating Christmas sooner than what you think as this one has what a classic bibingka has and more – and that more is none other than ube! For only Php 340, you’ll get to delight in a box of six of this! You can also enjoy this in their Salted Egg and Cheese variant priced at Php 240 for a box of six or a combination of both flavors for only Php 300.

To order, message Bibingka Manila on Viber: (0917) 561-4997 or their Instagram page. Note that their delivery pickup will come from Valle Verde 1, Pasig City.

4.) Ube Spanish Bread

You might want to put that Ube Pandesal down for a little while and try this Ube Spanish Bread by The Team Bang Pastries, an Instagram-based bakeshop. This Ube Spanish Bread really is delectable as you imagine it to be as this one is of dusted-with-bread-crumbs soft bread roll filled with a sweet, buttery paste. This quarantreat sure will bring comfort even on your most toughest times, or when you are having merienda with your fam, or even just when taking a break from work. A pack of 10 of this is only at Php 125 while a box of 20 is priced at Php 240.

To order, drop a message at their Instagram page with your name, complete address, contact number, and orders. Their modes of payment include BPI or BDO transfer and GCash. You can pick up the order yourself or book your own courier and have it delivered right at your doorstep!

*Featured Photo by The Team Bang Pastries

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