4 Yum Bevs to have this Hot Season

Sun is high up this time. It’s starting to get hot. People are getting sweaty even though they are just sitting and standing. It’s summer season y’all and not every one has the time and the luxury to go to the beach and ride the waves. Others have a job to do or basically just “life happens!”.

With that in mind, Open Kitchen Food Park Congressional branch has a bunch of different food and drinks establishments that people really have grown fond of, especially their patrons. For years, Open Kitchen Food Park Congressional branch has been giving people the break they so deserve from time to time without the guilt of spending too much.

And so, here are 4 beverages that will make people feel refreshed without diving into the deep blue ocean on a hot summer day:

1. Thai Milk Tea by I Crave Thai (Facebook)

I Crave Thai is known for their Thai dishes. They are the only food brand in Open Kitchen Food Park Congressional branch that is serving Thai cuisine which people could enjoy without burning a hole on their pockets. Their Thai Milk Tea is such a lovely drink to sip under the hot sun as it is also not that sweet. Hooray!

2. Mango Graham Shake by The Juice Joint (Instagram)

For a dessert in a glass, The Juice Joint has finally launched their Mango Graham Shake which kids and kids at heart undeniably take pleasure in. Each and every slurp of this one throws people back to their memory of being carefree in a playground with a lollipop in hand.

3. Ice Cold Beers by Manila Alehouse

There is still no beating the classics and that’s where beers come in handy. Titos and Titas just can’t have a meal without a beer in hand and honestly, there’s probably nothing more relatable to that. Beers could make people comfy and at ease and that’s what they need during the summer.

4. Mojito by Holic (Facebook | Instagram)

From beers, be a tad bit extra and go for Holic’s Mojito. This one sure is more than just refreshing as it has that delectable kick in every sip. The blend of lime and mint is a familiar play of flavors that people would definitely go for another glass, regardless if they already only had one or even more.

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