407 Food Market allows you to cut prep time, but still have a good meal with your loved ones

407 Food Market is known for their ready-to-cook meals that are surely of top quality. From fish to pork and beef, 407 Food Market definitely has all of that covered. Many people could attest how 407 Food Market has cut their meal prep and cooking time hence they got more time to spend with their family and finish their other responsibilities.

Indeed, 407 Food Market has not only been providing delicious viands for friends and families to enjoy, but also they have given people more time to actually bond with their loved ones. We have actually tried some of their meals and we have told you guys about them already too, but here we are again, delighting in yummies by 407 Food Market.

As most of what we had last time were of beef dishes, we then decided for some pork and fish this time. We started with their bestselling pork dish that was just so hard to resist — the Pork Sisig. This one takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and was prepared by 407 Food Market the authentic Kapampangan way.

Following that was their Rellenong Bangus (Php 290). This whole deboned milkfish is already baked and then frozen, so all we had to do was to reheat it. 407 Food Market has 3 suggestions of how to reheat it — bake, pan fry, or microwave. Do any of those three and this delicious dish is ready to be served.

After having those savory viands, we then had our dessert which came from 407 Food Market too, because they now have Buchi up for grabs as well. Their Buchi comes in two variants — Buchi Ube (Pack of 10 Php 160) as well as Buchi Red Mung Bean (Pack of 10 Php 160). Both of these are a sure win, so if you are also going for these, then know that you will not regret it.

There is so much more to try from 407 Food Market. What we got to have are just a few of their products as they even have Gyudon and Teriyaki ready for you to take. To know more about their products, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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