5 Adorable, Must-Have Appliances that will make your Kitchen Life easier and more fun

Almost everyone really has been spending time in their kitchen, practicing their cooking and baking skills, or maybe even snacking in the middle of the day when they have done everything there is that they could do. No need to feel guilty if you are one of those people, though, because like you, we are part of those people, too. The kitchen has given us the comfort and normalcy that seem so hard to attain these past few months and we could not even be more grateful for it; it is where delicious goodies came about anyway!

And so, as we found our love for our kitchen, we do enjoy jazzing up that part of our house from time to time; and what else do you think can make your kitchen even more fun , pretty, and efficient? Well, it’s a cute and colourful appliance, that’s what!

If you are just starting to explore your kitchen skills or you just feel like you want to have an adorable kitchen look, we found a few oh-so-cute, does-the-job appliances that sure would tie up that adorable feel you are trying to achieve in the kitchen.

1.) Toaster

If you are in a hurry and you just want something quick and easy, then pop your sliced bread into Smeg’s 2 Slice Toasters and you sure are ready to go in a jiffy; but of course, you can also use this if you want something a little more extra, but still simple to make like PB&J or avocado toast. Smeg’s 2 Slice Toaster comes in a variance of cute, appealing colors in a neat, vintage-looking design, with six browning levels that provide you your preference of toast level.

Smeg’s 2 Slice Toasters are available on Lazada for Php 8,995 each.

2.) Mini Oven Toaster

If your problem with your kitchen is you don;t have that much spnace for a huge oven teats – which is the dream – then small should do that trick for you now. Asahi’s Mini Oven Toaster can toast, bake, roast, defrost, reheat, an of course, melt butter and cheese. Standing at 9-inch length, 10-inch width, and a 13-inch, with a 12-liter capacity, Asahi’s Mini Oven Toaster is available in white with bright red or white with metallic blue.

Asahi’s Mini Oven Toaster is available at Landmark for Php 1,960.

3.) Air Fryer

If frying something is a battle for you and splattering hot oil is your enemy, then this Air Fryer is no doubt your friend. This appliance has been one of the trendiest kitchen appliances as it cooks food by having hot air circulate inside its compartment, even requiring less oil. Meaning, less fat intake for you which is a big deal, especially if you are trying to keep up on your diet, as well as this save you from all that oil-splattering encounters in the kitchen. Joyoung’s Air Fryer sure will be an additional source of cuteness and convenience in your kitchen as it comes in adorable colors.

Joyoung’s Air Fryers available on Lazada for Php 4,500 each.

4.) Refrigerator

Up for a new refrigerator? Check these two refrigerators that will undeniably dash some color in your kitchen. Smeg’s FAB28 Refrigerator has that vintage looking, old-school single-door style fridge made prettier by a light shade of pink with a shiny finish like your favourite lipgloss, making it both sleek and charming all at the same time.

Smeg’s FAB28 Refrigerator is available on Lazada for P118,995.

Another pink refrigerator that would make you look twice, especially if you are down for that edgy and bold  shade of pink, is none other than Fujidenzo’s RSD-60PGDP Refrigerator. This magenta colored fridge do not only have a metallic finish, but also a spacious freezer great for when you go loco for ice cream, as well as flexible shelves to place more of your stocks in. On top of all those, this one is built with energy-saving hardware which is a big help to your budget.

Fujidenzo’s RSD-60PGDP Refrigerator is available on Lazada and Fujidenzo’s website.

5.) Four-in-One Multifunctional Cooker

Having each and every appliance there is would probably cost your years of savings as well as a whole lot of space in your kitchen which is not really possible for the most of us, so if you could relate to that, too, then this OEM four-in-one multifunctional cooker would be the beaut that would not only fit in your tiny kitchen, but is the solution to your kitchen dream dilemma!

Built with a frying pan, a pot for boiling, and a mini oven with not only one tier, but two, this appliance is as compact as it could get, so it sure great for small apartments or when you are all for that space-saving pazzaz. Its compact feature is not the only good thing about this one, though, because this one also could save you time as you can prepare multiple meals without any fuss as well as this requires less wash time.

Available in gorgeous and quirky pastel shades of pink and blue, this one retails on Lazada for Php 5,594.

All these appliances will sure to put a smile on your face every time you walk into your kitchen, not only because its endearing looks, but also because of the convenience it could give you when you are doing your thing in the kitchen.

Aside from all those, Here is a bonus thing you could add to your collection of food-related thingys – LoyoLa’s Electric Lunch Box. This lovable and compact lunch box could bring your baon back to life as it has a built-in steamer which means you can heat up your food without having to line up for the office microwave.

Yes, this one is perfect for when you are in your office or school, especially now that the new normal has kicked in and companies have their employees coming into the office again. Just plug it in, turn iton, and wait five to ten minutes until your food is ready.

This pretty LoyoLa Electric Lunch Box is available on Lazada for Php 5, 439.

*Featured Photo by OEM

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