5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Milksha’s Pop-Up Event

If you’ve had the best milk tea drink of your life, think again. You can’t close your doors until you’ve tried Milksha—Taiwan’s best and well-loved milk tea brand.

There are many reasons why Milksha is highly acclaimed in Taiwan. For one, it uses fresh milk from its own farm and natural ingredients from different parts of the country. It also imports premium ingredients like matcha and cocoa from other countries to create the most flavorful milk tea drinks you can’t find anywhere else.

Photo by Milksha

Luckily, you don’t need to go to Taiwan to try Milksha’s iconic milk tea drinks. Chowking, the Philippines’ #1 Chinese restaurant, is bringing the internationally-known brand closer to Filipinos through a pop-up event at SM Megamall for only ONE day. Milksha is currently available at select Chowking stores, so if you haven’t heard about it yet, this is your chance to finally see the best of what Taiwan offers.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons you should visit Milksha’s pop-up event this weekend.

  1. Milksha is the house of pearl milk tea
    Milksha has been recognized as the top milk tea brand in Taiwan since 2004—and it’s easy to see why. It uses fresh milk from its Taiwan dairy farm and toppings made without preservatives or artificial coloring. So, you can rest assured that you’re getting the freshest and most authentic milk tea in the world.

    Milksha also has over 200 locations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Vancouver, and Singapore, speaking to its legacy as a milk tea brand. When you attend the pop-up event, you’ll learn more about this internationally-known brand and how it prepares its milk tea drinks.
  1. Experience a multi-sensory milk tea day with your friends
    If there’s one thing that Milksha is proud of, it’s that it uses the freshest and most natural ingredients in the world. At its pop-up event this weekend, you’ll see how it makes its handcrafted signature drinks. 

    You can head to Chowking Megamall to try Milksha’s drink for yourself. As an added treat, you can also upsize your drink FOR FREE this weekend. So grab your friends and head to Chowking to indulge in a tasty Milksha drink!

  2. Its pop-up booth has an eco-minimalist design
    Aside from promoting its brand and drinks, Milksha’s pop-up event also sets a nice backdrop for chic photos. Its entire booth dons an eco-minimalist design to match the milk tea brand’s clean aesthetic. Not only will you see how Milksha makes its drinks, but you can also take some photos for the gram, including pictures of the pop-up event or yourself flaunting your best outfit against Milksha’s booth. This is the milk tea brand’s way of taking an immersive visual experience to the next level.
  1. Try Taiwan’s famous milk tea and its signature flavors
    Milksha is popular for its various milk tea flavors, some of which will be prepared at a demonstration at the pop-up event. You’ll see classic flavors like Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte or Black Tea Latte.

    You’ll also see how Milksha makes its caffeine-free drinks, like its smooth and velvety Valrhona Cocoa Milk, cool and refreshing Wintermelon Lemon Tea, and earthy and sweet Signature Taro Milk, which uses taro from different regions of Taiwan.

  2. The event will only be open to the public for 1 day
    Chowking quickly introduced Milksha to Filipinos in 2021, but only in select branches. The pop-up event is your chance to learn more about Milksha and how it makes its handcrafted drinks with the freshest and most authentic ingredients!

    Milksha’s pop-up event will only be open to the public for one day, so don’t miss this chance!


With Milksha, every drink is a joyful experience. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn about the brand and watch beverage experts prepare its signature drinks right before you. Order your Milksha at a nearby Chowking now!

Milksha’s pop-up event will be at SM Megamall Building A, Upper Ground Floor. The first two days of the event, Nov. 11-12, will be exclusive to the media and key influencers. The general public can participate in the event on Nov. 13.

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