5 Tasty Quirks Titollennials and Titallennials will Enjoy at Legazpi Sunday Market

Getting some break is almost like a unicorn these days. It is as if Mondays to Fridays is a year all compressed in five tiresome days filled with hustle and bustle, stress and toxicity, making you wish hard for weekends to come soon and come fast. And when the weekend finally starts, it ends as if in just a blink of an eye as well which is a total bummer. That being said, rather than to spend your weekend sleeping or staring at whatever until the break of dawn of what might be the most hated day of the week, which is Monday, we have something for you to enjoy that can be the highlight of your weekend!

The Legazpi Sunday Market may sound like such a place for titallennials and titollennials alike, but hold up, because this weekend market is such a treasure trove of such beaut finds like handmade crafts and of course, so much food!Mushroom Fries from Ping Gu Mushrooms

Photo by: Food Trip For Two

1 Mushroom Fries from Ping Gu Mushrooms

Start with some of your favorite tasty goodies great for the snacky you, the trusty ole fries! However, level your fries up with some delightful twist, mushrooms! That’s right, here at Legazpi Sunday Market you will be able to grab and get a fill of Mushroom Fries which you can get with sour cream, barbecue, and salted egg powder, and a bunch of different dips such as vinegar, sweet chili, gravy, garlic mayonnaise, barbecue, marinara, ketchup, hot sauce, and chili garlic.

Photo By: Kain Manila

2 Monster Burger

If you are looking for something heavier to not just eat, but actually devour, these meaty pounds of yum goodness is the awesome way to go! Made with 100% Australian Beef Patties, served with fresh lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, with mayonnaise and ketchup, choose if what you want is of quarter pounder, half pounder, and chicken pounder. You can also get its variant that is the Double Decker, which from the name you probably guessed that it comes with two meaty patties! Other than those, you can also try out their Salisbury Steak that is served with rice, mix vegetables, egg, and mushroom gravy! So much exclamation points for this one and so much yay!

Photo by: @alwayshungryph

3 Pad Thai from Chang Thai

And of course, give your palate a treat with the taste of the rich culture and luscious flavors of Thailand with one of their trademark dishes, the Pad Thai. Pad Thai is a stir-fried dish that will surely win your taste buds and heart because every mouthful is a delicious exploration! Chang Thai’s Pad Thai has two variants which are chicken and prawns which you should really give a try! Other than that, Legazpi Sunday Market’s Chang Thai has a bunch of other delectable nomnoms you could munch on like Papaya Salad and Catfish with Mango Salad.

4 Budbud Gourmet Suman

For something sweet and is a classic favorite of each Pinoy by blood and every Pinoy by heart, the suman is such a sumptuous delicacy that is usually the kick-off to every great day of your life! This time, though, BudBud dazzles up your suman with their ever famous wide variance of Gourmet Suman. Each Gourmet Suman is freshly cooked with newly arrived budbud kabog grains and comes in 16 lipsmacking good flavors – budbud kabog, with cocosugar, ube, ube-langka, ube-buko, manga, saging, langka, cassava, tsokolate, champorado, biko, buko pandan, tres dulces, purple rice, luya, plain, and champ tuyo! Be quick and call first dibs as their stocks run fast because, we promise, it is that good!

5 Adam’s Seriously Good Ice Cream

With this lovely heat from Mister Golden Sun, you are sure to love this scrumptious sweet, cold dessert that is made by hand daily in their very own kitchen with not just any cream, but French cream for that matter, alongside the best all natural ingredients, and a passion for the most glorious result! The Ambassador’s Butter Cream, The Infanta’s Favorite, and the Chocolate Mint Milano are just a few of the must-try flavors from their Dairy Ice Cream selection. They also have Dairy Free ones and Cocktail Sorbetes that are perf for vegans! Yippeety yummy yum yum!

Other mouth-watering finds will sure to take your breath away as the food options here in Legazpi Sunday Market is truly just amazing, especially when your palate can travel around the world as the food stalls here are not only of national yumminess, but of international deliciousness as well, such as G & A Hungarian Sausage which also highlights traditional Hungarian dishes, Tokyo Bakery which offers delectable  fresh Japanese bread, Japsy Takoyaki which you can grab a fill of appetizing takoyaki that is served with different sauces, Mantequilla which serves sinfully yummy eats such as some real cheesy lasagna and a whole lot more you have got to check out.

Legazpi Sunday Market also has some other goodies that are not of food such as decorative wooden novelty pieces, handmade leather bags, bags made from upcycled tires, and even crocheted plushies, as well as hand-painted eggs! No doubt, Legazpi Sunday Market is filled with fun tasty treats to try and great quirky stuff to check out and have, so be sure to drop by on your next much awaited weekend break to have your special me time even more razzle dazzled.

Legazpi Sunday Market is at Herrera st. cor Legazpi and Salcedo, V.A. Rufino St, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: All Sundays of the year, 730AM to 2PM

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