Isla – The Island Experience: 5 Things You Are Having A Hard Time Doing At Home, But Will Be Easy-Peasy To Do Here!

Isla – The Island Experience is such a refreshing place to be in. Here, time is not your enemy as you don’t have deadlines to beat, responsibilities you might feel like running away from, and pressure that has always been like on your shoulders.

Truly, this island is a paradise you just want to be in for a long while – a safe haven that will give you that much needed breathing and resting space.

1.) Chill

Get your much needed downtime here by lying down on your bed that is in a spacious, elevated nipa hut inspired room with the view of the gorgeous ocean just right in front of you. Indeed, this one would bring you that tranquillity you are craving fior.

2.) Lounge

If being one with the nature is more of your thing, then lounging on benches, bean bags, and even just having fun on the swing are great options you could go for. Just let time pass by while you are soaking in all the vitamin D you could get or maybe delight in the view – your call!

3.) Drink & Dine

Of course, relaxing includes eating. It is both a necessity and a guilty pleasure anyway, right? Here they have a bar you could order some local beers and mixes and even some refreshments, too. While for food, they prepare some kind of a communal meal which everyone would enjoy and bond over with even more.

4.) De-stress with pets

They have a lot of uwu pets here that will keep you company and definitely make you happy. Pet dogs, bathe pigs, and watch ducks spatter around their make-shift little pond – these adorable creatures will sure to make you feel light and at ease in no time.

5.) Let your mind fly

If you are having a hard time getting some alone time at home or your cramped space is making it hard for your creative juices to flow, this place is perfect for generating ideas as your headspace is going to be as wide as the ocean that is your view and the island that you are in.

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Address: Daracotan Island, El Nido, Palawan

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