5 Unique Restaurants You Should Definitely Binge On at 2 Lazcano Place

This next food trip place we are about to venture on has different dining concept offerings, but is far from being a food park. The thing is this place is made up of different standing restaurants with each having their own kitchen, seats, and everything that a restaurant has all rolled into some kind of a compaound.

Situated at the intersection Sct. Lazcano, Sct. Magbanua, and Mother Ignacia is where you will find this one heck of a wonderful food quest you have nothing to do, but to conquer! 2 Lazcano is a 2-story food hub that is housing different food establishments so there might just be no reason for you to not find something you like.

  1. Kusina Juan Republika

Of course, starting this food adventure with our very own cuisine as this Pinoy-centric restaurant, Kusina Juan Republika, highlights every Pinoy’s comfort food. Deciding to stick onto classics, this restaurant is surely giving its diners a taste of our rich tradition with a tad bit twist.

Sporting a home away from home kind of feel, many Filipinos have been enchanted by this place with even just by its vibe and ambiance. With a grand dining room that will remind you of Old Manila, you will probably get into thinking about the lives of our ancestors as you dig into the delectable dishes they have passed onto us.






With that, we have for you dishes that are totally a trademark of us, Filipinos, by Kusina Juan Republika, such as Krispy Garlic Pata, Gising Gising, Pinakbet Rice, Pork Barbecue, and Sisig Pampanga. Each spoonful of every dish gave us memories dear to us and that is more than just great dining experience, so to say.

  1. Bento & Co

Bring your palate to the flavorful and colorful cuisine that is the Japanese Cuisine by checking out this neighborhood Japanese restaurant called Bento & Co. The specialty of this house is the Shokado Bento, in which diners like you are allowed and even encouraged to create your own bento wherein your dish will probably greatly depend on your hunger meter!

Plus, there are 5 main sets which you can choose from, each comes with unlimited salad and rice so you won’t only experience happiness in a box, just as promised, but also your cravings will no doubt be satisfied.





Here at Bento & Co., what we got to try are four wonderful and delicious dishes which are Tuna Teppanyaki Set Four, Salmon Sashimi, Katsudon, and Salmon Surprise Maki. Each dish is sporting its own distinct flavor and each dish has made us fall in love with this restaurant even more.

  1. 5ynco Bar

If you are feeling worn down or worse, feeling beaten down like a potato sack, then here is a haven for you. This place is like a quaint corner to lay down your tired soul. With a painting on the wall, tiny stools to sit on, soft, small couches to lounge on, pristine white tables to place your food or dinks on, and some plants to give the place a pop of color, this charming bar will give you an artsy aesthetic in general.

With an array of drinks and different variants of food to choose from, orders come quickly as staff and serves are all warm and friendly at the same time. 5ynco might just be the go-to bar after dining in some of 2 Lozcano’s restaurants. Be notified, though, that the place is just small so it gets a little crampy on peak hours.





Even though, it is sporting a tiny space, 5ynco Bar made our stay even more than great by serving us four of their Cocktails with a Twist – Chi Chi’s Cookies, Livin La Vida Mocha, Corazon, and Pipino Manaloto. All these lovely drinks have a bit of a kick to it while each has a unique taste to it as well.

  1. The Brewology Café

For a more laid-back dining experience and a place who actually knows their coffee, the Brewology Café is at your bidding. Exuding with simplicity and elegance, this place is great for people yearning for that peace and quiet; some might even say that this is a splendid hideout for tired, restless souls after a week or even just a day of work, study, or just whatever.

With a glance at their menu, you will notice how The Brewology Café has a wide selection of desserts, pastries, espresso, and freshly brewed drinks you can actually choose from and not get disappointed with. An added bonus and might be a deal breaker for some when it comes to café is wifi availability – and so we are happy to inform you that The Brewology Café won’t fail you on that one.






As we got to stay here, what we got to try are their Beef Bulgogi Tapa, Waffogato, Red Velvet Brookie, Cappuccino Cheesecake, Heaven on Earth, Babysitter, and of course, their Manual Brewed Coffee. Surely, The Brewology Café does not only know coffee, as mentioned, but also their food. This café is definitely not one to miss out on!

  1. Little WineHaus

If you want to have some wine in a no-fuss place then, darling, you are clearly in the right abode – the Little WineHaus is definitely living up to its name as the place is really little having only three couches and some tables available for seating, hence the management recommending reserving a table first.

With a small charming space for its customers, this place is perfect for intimate dates while expressing a cool and casual vibe altogether. This place is also great for a cozy, comfy time of shared moments that are more than precious to be forgotten.




There are so many things to love about Little WineHaus – from its undeniable lure to its wide range of wine and a decent variance of food choices including some cheese to go with your drink. Little WineHaus, surely, has some little details that would no doubt snatch your heart and snare it for you to come back. With that, we tried some of Little WineHaus’ bestsellers which are Caviar Pie, Quesadilla, Dulong, Callos, and Louis Guntrum Riesling, and we couldn’t deny how lovely of an experience we really had.

What’s even making 2 Lazcano Place more awe-inspiring other than offering exquisite and diverse restaurants is that the concept of ordering from any of the eateries you want, then dining wherever in the 2-story establishment that tickles your fancy, so be sure to put 2 Lazcano Place on your next food adventure as this place is really something you have to try!

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