6 Coffee-related stores at SM Fairview any coffee fan should give a try!

Coffee may only be seen as luxury to some, but to a lot of people, including us, it is a necessity. Our day won’t be complete without it. It’s an energy source, a fuel to keep us pushing throughout a stressful day and with that we were so glad to be a part of a mini coffee crawl that happened recently at SM Fairview.

SM Fairview really is expanding not only their size, but also their stores, their offerings, their events, their dining options, including their coffee shops – and we are not at all complaining. In fact, we are excited about it, because with coffee, we also get to have some nomnoms to pair our fave drink with and that’s what we are actually going to share with you! Check out these 6 snackable places to get your coffee as well as munchies at SM Fairview:

1. Auntie Anne’s
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuntieAnnesPretzelsPH/

First on this mini coffee crawl of ours was Auntie Anne’s. Auntie Anne’s is not at all new to the food scene. In fact, this is one of our fave pretzel places. Here we got to pair our coffee with their different pretzel offerings. Our favorite: Choco Chip Cream Cheese Stix. Try it and you will catch yourself coming back to Auntie Anne’s over and over again.

2. Nitro 7

Nitro 7 may just be three years young but they have garnered a lot of coffee drinkers and foodies as their fans already. Nitro 7 prides itself in having low acidity coffee that is great specially for people who have acid reflux. Here we got to try their Chocolate Macadamia as well as their Irish Creme Breve which are both their bestsellers. We also got to pair those with some of their savory nomnoms such as a few of their pizzas, wrap n’ roll, and hotpressed sandwich.

3. Bakers Maison
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BakersMaisonPH/

This one is actually a brand from Australia offering delectable pastries. They only have one store in Australia while also being a supplier to different hotels there. It was back in 2016 when they opened they first branch here in the Philippines; and now they are in the works to open 14 branches around the country. Their newest additions are their Mocha Cream Cheese Ensaimada and their Ube Ensaimada. They also have their own coffee which is of Arabica and Robusta beans and which you can surely pair with any of their pastries. 

4. Overdoughs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overdoughsph/

This one is definitely a favorite of ours as we are self-proclaimed lovers of cookies and we no doubt overdosed ourselves with Overdoughs. Overdoughs offer palm sized cookies which are dark choco chunk, choco nutella, cornflake cookie, od choco chunk, and ube white. They also offer mini-sized cookies which you can either get in mini dark choco chunk and mini od choco chunk. All this is great with their coffee, of course, because theirs is of Toby’s Estate roaster. Their coffee-based drinks are Latte, Americano, and Mocha while their non-coffee drinks are Matcha Latte, Nutella Aura, and Chocolate Latte.

5. Original Cake
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/originalcakeph/

If you are up for some fun, fluffy, jiggly, and oh-so-yummy treats, Original Cake is your buddy! This brand came all the way from Taiwan offering their three classic flavors which are Original, Golden Cheese, and Chocolate. And since they have finally reached Philippines, they wanted to offer something that would lean more into the palate of the Pinoys and with that they came up with Snowflake Crisp, Pandan, and Chicken Floss! We absolutely fell in love with their Snowflake Crisp as this one is handmade from the heart, combining sweetness with an extra kick of crunch!

6. Cinnabon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CinnabonPH/

For our last stop, SM Fairview brought us to Cinnabon! If you are a fan of cinnamon, you are so going to love them, but know that they are not only offering cinnamon based yummies. We totally loved their jalapeno bites which has that punch of flavor, alongside to give us a sweet kiss, we also had their mini choco rolls which is filled and drizzled with, surprise, chocolate!

This mini coffee crawl by SM Fairview was undeniably fun as we did not only have our coffee cravings fixed, but also got to munch on some delectable breads, pastries, cookies, pretzels, and whatnot. Hope you could drop by at SM Fairview soon ad check out some, if not all, of the stores we got to visit and dined in, too!

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