6 Must-try Beverages at your fave Canadian coffee shop, Tim Hortons!

Coffee has surely helped a lot of people go through so much in their lives. From studying to working, kiddy adults and adult adults have reached for a cup of joe more than once, and we know you have tried a cup of it as well! Each of us surely have our own coffee preference, some like it black, strong and bitter; while others go for creamy, sweet and frothy – whatever kind of coffee you like, we also know how much of a sucker you are for cafes.

Cafes have somewhat made its way in people’s lifestyle and it is no surprise. The scent of caffeine is such a promise of a downtime that every time you enter a coffee shop, you feel like a heavy weight is lifted from your shoulders, and really, we cannot blame you because that is how we feel, too!

That being said, ever since Tim Hortons has branched out here in the Philippines a few years back, many have swarmed up in this Canadian trademark of a coffee place, getting and definitely enjoying, if not loving, the taste of Canada! With that, here are six recommended drinks from your much-loved Tim Hortons:

1.) Double Double

Of course, first on the list is Double Double. What else do you expect, right? This one is a Canadian favorite and is of two shots of cream and two shots of sugar, alongside the original brewed coffee, giving your taste buds the right creaminess and sweetness it has been looking for.

2.) French Vanilla

Following that is another yummy cup of hot goodness, the French Vanilla. Now, this one makes the crowd go wild as well with its signature smooth and rich vanilla flavor complementing the light coffee notes we know you adore so much.

3.) Milk Tea

Other than coffee, though, know that Tim Hortons is expanding their menu and sometimes they depend it per country, just like how they want to be able to offer a drink that almost everyone in the Philippines in crazy for, the Milk Tea! Try this one out for yourself and we would certainly not judge you if you order another one.

4.) Passionfruit Mint Teajito

As we have said, Tim Hortons is brewing their treats sometimes depending on where they actually are, and so much like their Milk Tea, this Passionfruit Mint Teajito of theirs is another Philippines exclusive that you really should not miss out on, especially when you are feeling all sticky and icky on a hot day!

5.) Iced Coffee

After having a little detour away from coffee, let us drive back and reach for their oh-so-revitalizing Iced Coffee! This one has that sweet and creamy blend of flavors that will have your eyes fluttering as this one is also of chilled premium coffee-cream blend served over ice.

6.) Original Brewed

For our last drink recommendation, but definitely not the least, the Original Brewed of Tim Hortons is truly a must-try! Dubbed as Canada’s national beverage, this one will absolutely not disappoint you when you need a wake up slap to get on with life, so better grab yours now.

No doubt, the flavors of Tim Hortons would be even more great when you get to bring it home with you so you can delight in it however you want. With that, you can totally rejoice when we tell you that Tim Hortons products can be purchased in participating Tim Hortons branches – be sure to snatch one on your way out, but pay for it, of course!

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