6 Yummy Selections to Check Out at Fiesta Alamexo

Fiesta is one of the many occassions that people get to have a reason to cheat on their diet. As much as it is a cultural or community celebration, Fiesta really unites people through stories, tradition, culture, and of course, food! Pinoys do love fiestas and Pinoys do love food, so it is no surprise that an ordinary day could look like a fiesta as the table is filled with food.

That being said, there is a fairly new restaurant in the food scene that offers scrumptious and familiar dishes with a twist, and that is none other than Fiesta Alamexo! This Filipino-Mexican restaurant sure is packed with all the spices and the flavor to take their diners into a fiesta-like meal time.

1.) Easy Eats

Kickstart this fiesta with some goodies by Fiesta Alamexo that are just so easy to love like their Fiesta Good Salad, Baja Kalye Bites which are popular Pinoy streetfood, Morning Gising with Bagnet and Green Long Sili, as well as Caramelized Soy Chicken wings. These options are the perf dishes to ease your palate into this delectable feast!

2.) Noods

Pinoy celebrations are not complete without the presence of some slurptastic dishes! Afterall, noodles are said to lengthen lives. Regardless, if that’s true or not, noodles are just so yum, so don’t miss out on Fiesta Alamexo’s Sotanghon Guisado, Pancit Canton, and Crispy Palabok!

3.) Mains

Now, for the main event… Fiesta Alamexo’s mains! Being they are a Filipino-Mexican restaurant, expect a bunch of familiar flavors with a sass like their Binagoongang Bagnet, Chipotle Lamb Adobo, Gambas sa Gata, Slab Fiesta Marinated Pork Belly, Hangered Caramelized Soy Chili Chicken, Tahong sa Miso, Pinakbet with Bagnet on Top, Baby Squid sa Gata, Tortang Talong with Crabmeat, and Picadillo. Surely, these will have their diners reachin for rice.

4.) Steaks

For more indulgent choices, Fiesta Alamexo also has some sumptuous steaks – tender, thick, and juicy steaks, at that! Their Wagyu Ribeye Steak as well as T-Bone Steak are just two of their must-try steaks that really should not be missed out on.

5.) Fiesta Plates

Fiestas certainly are a big event and people – both locals and tourists – get to join all the fun! However, with Fiesta Alamexo, diners could have a fiesta individually, if they feel like it. Their Fiesta Plates sure will have anyone enjoying a feast and no one would be judging!

6.) Breakfast Plates

Many enjoy a good breakfast there is no secret in that. However, not everyone is a morning person and by that not everyone who loves breakfast could have breakfast of breakfast options are only avaulable in the morning. Duh. Anyway, with Fiesta Alamexo, diners could not care less if they wake up in the middle of the day and are craving for some breakfast munchies, because their Breakfast Plates are availble all day! Hooray!

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