7 Beat-the-heat & Oh-so-delightful Drinks you could enjoy only at NIC’S

A good morning is just so rare these days. Everyone is just on the rush to go wherever they need to go that sometimes they don’t even get to appreciate how yummy breakfast is or how heart-warming their cup of joe is.

Don’t even get started with lunch hours. People are so cramped up with work and deadlines that they even get to miss their lunch meal or even forget to hydrate themselves which is just downright alarming and at the same time saddening.

And for dinner? What is it even? Between food and sleep – which shouldn’t even be a choice to make because both are a necessity – people tend to lean more onto their beds because they are just so dang tired from the all the work and let’s face it, mostly from the commute and the traffic.

From all those, who even got the time for some downtime? Rest somehow has been labelled as for the weak which is weird, when it is exactly what your body demands for it to be able to recharge and function well for another day of battle.

That being said, why don’t you take a chill pill? Stand up from your seat, stretch, and take a breather because we have some awesome funky and warm drinks for you to at least be revitalized for not only the long day ahead, but the long, stressful one, no doubt.

NIC’S is such a lovely all-around dining place that has got some really good beverages for you to not only sip, but actually drink up, and we have got a few of what you should have more than just a shot of, if you know what we mean.

1.) Red Velvet Cake Shake (Php 125)

If you are a dessert fan as well as a milkshake fan, then this drink might be an interesting one for you. NIC’s’ cake shakes are literally their delectable cakes turned shakes and you really should not miss out on this Red Velvet Cake Shake of theirs that would totally hit and fill your sweet spot.

2.) White Chocolate Mocha (Php 150)

Teasing your taste buds that we all know loves some good coffee, try out NIC’s’ White Chocolate Mocha which is great for coffee drinkers who like theirs a tad bit sweet and frothy like a warm embrace from someone dear to you.

3.) Macadamia Nut Latte (Php 145)

Another warm drink that is great for sweet lovers is NIC’s’ Macadamia Nut Latte. This one will not only get the sweet lovers hooked, but the milk fans as well, because is sure to have a sweet, milky taste with a quaint hint of bitterness in every sip.

4.) Macchiato (Php 115)

You might get a bit surprised when you get to order NIC’s’ Macchiato as this one is served not the usual way you see in most cafes, but this one is served how actually a macchiato should be served. This may be such a cutie drink but this one is sure to give you that much needed push of energy, if not a yummy kick.

5.) Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Frappe (Php 140)

And of course, NIC’s’ Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Frappe is great for people who love their wake-up-drink zinging cold with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. This one will have you moving with pazzazz in no time like Gina Linetti, that’s for sure!

6. & 7.) Cocktails – Mojito (Php 225) and Pinacolada (Php 245)

Lastly, double the fun, not the trouble, with their relaxing cocktails that would help you shoo the stress and toxicity away. NIC’s’ Mojito and Pinacolada are just two of their many oh-so-yummy classic cocktails that is perfect for some post-work rejuvenation with your friends.

Currently, NIC’s has an ongoing promo running from March to April 2019 called Perfect Pair wherein diners can get a long black coffee with any bread of their choice – may it be their Cinnamon Roll, Cheese Roll, Cheddar Ensaymada, and Parmesan Ensaymada.

Other than that, diners and of course drinkers can enjoy half off on all of NIC’s drinks during their Happy Hour which runs from 3PM to 8PM
– such a total win! You can now totally hangout in an elegant, chic dining place while delighting in your choice of drink in a good deal of a price!

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