7-Eleven offers their Hotta Rice Line and more for a limited time only!

Whether you are busy with work or school or maybe just tired from the mental stress due to everything that is happening around you and you just can’t deal with cooking something up, then go sit down and just take a breather, because 7-11 gotchu! You can now take home their ready-to-heat ulam that is of Filipino favorites. Yes, you got that right, their Hotta Rice Line that ranges form Php 150 to Php 300 are now up for grabs. Plus, these are good for not only a single person, but five servings

7-11 actually first offered their Big Bites Hotdogs and Fresh Siopao which we all know go for as snacks, but of course, with the demand of the people and the enhanced community quarantine being expanded, 7-11 expanded their offerings, too.

Here’s what’s on their Hotta Rice Menu and what you could snack on from 7-11:

Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines
Photo by 7-Eleven Philippines

These yummy items are available for a limited time only and stocks may vary per story, so better check 7-11 store locator’s to make sure which stores are actually open and offering.

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*Featured Photo grabbed from 7-Eleven Philippines Facebook Page

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