8 yummy stalls to check out at SIDCOR Sunday Market

Sundays are usually your last hoorah before another stressful week at work takes your energy the minute you enter the office, agree? Well, let’s make the best out of your Sunday by roaming around a spacious Sunday Market that is located at Eton Centris!

SIDCOR Weekend Market is known for huge space and a wide range of goods to select from. They really have tons of different offerings from fresh produce to locally made garments – name it, they probably have it. With all that, you have first got to check out from where our fave nomnoms at SIDCOR Weekend Market were!

1.) Tita Cora

For crunch-filled, fried munchies, this stall is just one of the many stalls you have got to try! This one has shrimp, crablet, and everyone’s favorite, lumpia! Yep, you read that right – they have lumpia and all you got to do is grab yours and start eating.

2.) Shang Express

If you are on-the-go and want something delicious and fast, Shang Express got your back. Get their dynamite to bring adventure to your palate. You could also go for their bestseller, their shrimp tempura, or you could go for something nostalgic like their lumpiang togue.

3.) Bella

Meanwhile, if you want something easy and meaty, head onto Bella. They offer cheesy gold hotdog and meaty red hotdog – great for you to hold and munch while looking for other things to buy! Aside for having it on stick, you could also get it on bread which will fill you up even more.

4.) Bulaluhan and Kambingan

Ready for something heavy? Down with sitting down? You def should not miss out on a bunch of lutong bahay dishes here at SIDCOR Sunday Market. Chicken wings, Pork Sisig, Lechon Paksiw, Laing, and Carbonara – these are just a few delectables you could have at Bulaluhan and Kambingan.

5.) Empanada TI Ilocos

If you truly love empanadas, you probably already know that Ilocos claims to be the best in making that which we won’t go against on. For some Ilocos empanada goodness, Empanada TI Ilocos will have your mouths watering as they will prepare it in front of you the moment you order, so really it is freshly made and freshly cooked specially for you.

6.) Okoy Queen

For more snacks and full-blown meal options, Okoy Queen is your king! They, too, have fried shrimp and crablets, alongside okoy, of course. For heavier options, they have grilled squid, fish, and their bestseller, their pinangat!

7.) TAPAddiction

TAPAddiction is a multi-awarded angus beef tapa brand that promises a tapa experience like no other. “The smell is inviting, the taste is addicting”, that is how they describe themselves and they are no fake news! They offer tapa rice meal, tapa carbonara, tapa super rice bowl, tapa cheese sandwich, tapa on nachos, and of course frozen angus beef tapa for you to take home.

8.) LN Bahay Kainan

Last, but no doubt not the least, LN Bahay Kainan. For homey dishes you get to stuff yourself with, LN bahay Kainan as a ton of offerings you could enjoy. They have a bunch of viands for you to choose from such as dinuguan, pork steak , ginataan, the ever-sinful and yet ever-loved bagnet, and many more!

SIDCOR Sunday Market is absolutely a wonderland, a treasure trove of different yummy and unique finds! As we have established how much food you could get here, know that you could also shop for clothes, bags, plants, novelty items, and even pets here, so better schedule your next Sunday here and explore it yourself!

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Address: Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Sunday 6AM to 2PM

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