9 Asian Restaurants open for delivery to get your Asian food cravings in check

Cravings could really make people or break people and by that we mean people go crazy when they don’t get what they want or they don’t get pacified or satisfied; and having some cravings during this enhanced community quarantine is a tough time – especially for privileged people – and we totally get it, because we, to, love some good food. One of our comfort food is some Asian goodies, so could you imagine our joy when we found out these 9 Asian restaurants do deliver, and of course, we are so going to share it with you, guys!

1.) Sushi Nori (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Sushi Nori Facebook Page

As a perfect playground for sushi goodness, Sushi Nori has taken inspiration from the traditional techniques of Tokyo and creative direction of Brazil and their patrons could get their favorites from them through LalaFood, FoodPanda, as well as GrabFood. Enjoy their wide offering of delicious sushi, temaki, and poke without waiting for the quarantine to be lifted.

2.) Misuta Gyoza (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Misuta Gyoza Facebook Page

Gyoza is a classic Japanese nomnom that is no doubt loved by many. Filled with ground meat and dipped into its sauce, many people have been raving about a certain vrand – Misuta Gyoza. Delight in this classic fave without burning a whole in your pocket. Have them delivered right at your doorstep by ordering through GrabFood now.

3.) Fumizen (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Fumizen Facebook Page

Fumizen is actually a long-established Japanese restaurant known for offering reasonably priced high-grade, carefully prepared tonkatsu dishes, alongside delicate seasonal Japanese cuisine and seafood; so if you are up for that, then check ‘em out on GrabFood and order from them, what else?!

4.) Yummy Tokyo (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Yummy Tokyo Facebook Page

Yummy Tokyo is a Japanese food business, giving their customers scrumptious ramen and onigiri to on-the-go Filipino. One of their famous offerings is their DIY Ramen Kits and those are available for delivery, so don’t hesitate to drop a message on their social media account and your ramen cravings will sure be satisfied in no time!

5.) Mendokoro Ramenba (Facebook | Instagram)

Mendokoro Ramenba dubs themselves as a purist ramen bar, hence many people really love their products as they get to have a taste of authentic ramen. And so, if you also want to slurp their ramen goodness, then you better fill out their order form this moment because they have a lot of orders in line!

6.) Wangfu Chinese Cafe (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Wangfu Chinese Cafe Facebook Page

For a sumptuous mix of Chinese dishes and Singaporean hawker, Wangfu is ready to deliver their homey offerings to the doorstep of their patrons. They also do have family packs that are platters of yummies perfect for groups. Tap them through GrabFood and love up their delicacies the moment you get a hold of them.

7.) Boa Asian Flavors (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Boa Asian Flavors Facebook Page

Ready your tastebuds for a play of Asian flavors just like what you had and what you are probably going to have in Bangkok! Giving an updated version of different comfort Asian food to the progressive Filipino community, order your go-tos by leaving a message through their Facebook page.

8.) Tuen Mun Roasts (Facebook)

Photo grabbed from Tuen Mun Roasts Facebook Page

Are a fan of roasts? If you are, then know that Tuen Mun Roasts offers an array of Hong Kong roast goodies as well as as enticing selections from their menu and all that is now available for take out, pick-up, and delivery through LalaFood and GrabFood!

9.) Shiok Shiok Singapore Famous Hawker Food (Facebook | Instagram)

Photo grabbed from Shiok Shiok Singapore Famous Hawker Food Facebook Page

Indulge in a variance of Singapore’s famous hawker food that no doubt will be pampering your palate, especially as they are now open for takeout and delivery. Simply cpontact them through their landline for faster transaction: 8-732-6490 or 8-732-6491.

*Featured Photo grabbed from Sushi Nori Facebook Page

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