9 Great Eats Last April

Summer in the Philippines is undeniably hot. But what’s even hotter are the different restaurants that we came across with. It made our summer not just hotter but also way more interesting.

1 – Churros in a Cup topped with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


We certainly can’t get enough of Churros. Here’s a version of this yummy treat in a cup topped with dark chocolate ice cream from @sweetandluscioustreats of @communeaty_roces from the recently held Bloggers Dinner.


2 – Typhoon Shelter Grilled Prawns


Enjoy seafood at its finest with this superb dish from @pingpongdiplomacyph.  It’s a certified hit that everyone will truly enjoy.


3 – Backyard Cheeseburger


Is it too obvious that we really love burgers? Especially, if it’s this good. The Backyard Cheeseburger with double patties of @pound_ph. Made from house ground beef, cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Oh wow, now we’re drooling again.


4 – Pork Chop


Enjoy this delicious Pork Chop from @raintreemcafe,  and all other delectable dishes and yummy desserts served through their Boutique Brunch.


5 – Baked Ziti


The House of Unlimited @en_tirage serves not only unlimited Wines, Beers and Whiskeys but also serves some of the best pasta and mains in town. Like this Baked Ziti that spoiled our taste buds with its yummy and cheesy taste. We sure did finish this bowl in a few minutes


6 – Pansit Sisig


The first ever Pansit Sisig that we have ever tried. We can honestly say, @sisignisasa1‘s Pansit Sisig was on point. With their crispy and delicious sisig mixed with these yummy Pansit, served on this cute Kawali. It’s a meal good for sharing or if you love Pansit like we do, you can also east solo. Drop by now at @sagulfoodpark to get a taste of this, Sisig Lovers!


7 – Frozen Yogurt


Frozen yogurt has never been this good. This Uma variant of @shakeawayph is such a refreshing and delightful dessert and snack in one. We literally didn’t put it down until the bowl is empty.


8 – Mixed Boodle Fight


Ever been to a boodle fight in a food park? Here’s your chance to try at Madison Commons Food Park, try the Mixed Boodle Fight offering of @tataboys_boodle. Share it with the whole barkada, colleagues and family!


9 – 4-Star General Ribs with Mexican Corn


Meat lover or not, the carnivorous side of you will surely be unleashed because of @elheneral.co‘s 4-Star General Ribs. Its tender and flavorful meat will keep you wanting for more. What’s even more amazing is, it comes with a very delectable Mexican Corn.


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