9 Great Eats Last August

Here’s a list of the 9 great eats we had last August in no particular order.

1. Crispy Pork Knuckles – Downtown and Halsted

One of the best beer match ever created, the Crispy Pork Knuckles. Grab a bottle or a bucket of beer as you enjoy munching this superb dish at Downtown and Halsted.



2. KayJoan (Cajun-flavored Shrimps) – Bucket O Shrimps

These Cajun flavored shrimps called KayJoan also named after the owner is one of the reason why you should drop by Bucket O Shrimps at The Truck Park Marikina to enjoy seafoods lilke never before. Its juicy and soft meat will truly be enjoyed by everyone.



3. Sizzling Brownie – Meat Slut

It sure did amazed us as well as pampered our sweet tooth. This Sizzling Brownie from Meat Slut is such a great sight when it sizzles, producing only the very first smoky, soft and mouth-watering brownie we have ever tasted.



4. Ebi King Ramen – Ramen Nagi

Ebi King of Ramen Nagi is back and we’re more than delighted to slurp it all again. The rain may have poured down fiercely but our taste buds were more than happy.



5. Rib Eye Steak – The Wine Club

The juicy and delicious Australian Rib Eye Steak of The Wine Club. Just one of the many mains you can enjoy at this quaint and yet classy restaurant.



6. Aburi Ika and Uni Roll – Izakaya Sensu

Aburi Ika and Uni Roll, one of the many delicious Sushis to look forward to at the Izakaya Sensu sumptuous list of Sushis.



7. Spicy Tuna Maki – Tendon Akmitsu

We really can’t say no if it’s this spicy and tasty. The Spicy Tuna Maki of Tendon Akmitsu is one of those Sushi that you simply can’t get enough of.



8. Sisig – Naimas

We simply can’t get enough of Sisig especially if it’s this appetizing. This crunchy, tasty and very addicting Sisig of Naimas is one you shouldn’t missed when you dine in at this simple but worth coming-back for type of restaurant.



9. Crispy Pata – Kambingan Ni Apong

If you ever wanna cheat on your diet, it should be a dish worth cheating for. Like this Crispy Pata from Kambingan Ni Apong. Every strip and bite of the skin and meat is such a pure delight. Dip it on their home made soy sauce to level up the experience.



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