9 Great Eats Last July

Here’s a list of the 9 great eats we had last July in no particular order.

1. Ribs – FieryStyle Southwestern Grill

The full slab of Ribs that will surely make a fun and yummy night with the gang.



2. Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon – Taal Vista Hotel

Start your day right with this Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon from Taza Fresh Table of Taal Vista Hotel. Smoky salmon paired with this delicious eggs is such a piece of heaven.



3. Eager Beaver – Buns N Bros

We can’t get enough of how delicious the buns of this burger from Buns N Bros of Industrie Food Loft. Filled with meaty and juicy pattie, this burger is spot on!



4. Kare Kare – Bokaps Resto

This Kare Kare Lechon Kawali of Bokaps Resto is truly amazing. It is one of the best Kare Kare we have ever tasted. The creaminess and the peanut taste mixed with the crunchy Lechon Kawali made our tastebuds jumped in joy.



5. Classic Kahuku – Johnny Kahuku

How can you say no to this Classic Kahuku? It has everything you want and more. With its 5 pieces Garlic Butter Shrimps, Hawaiian Fried Rice, Spiced Japanese Corn and Classic Kahuku Sauce, you will surely have a hearty and healthy meal. Try it now at Johnny Kahuku!



6. Cheesecake – City Garden Grand

Whether you’re a big fan or not, this old-fashioned Cheesecake from the Firefly Roofdeck Bar of City Garden Grand will make you appreciate this type of cake. Its soft and melts in your mouth cheesy goodness will keep you wanting for more.



7. Longganisa Ilocandia – Equatorial Coffee

No need to travel north as Equatorial Coffee can give you the taste of their dishes. Their Longganisa Ilocandia is the perfect all- day breakfast meal for all, Longganisa lovers or not.



8. Bacon Mushroom Burger – Bratz Grilled Burger

The cheesy, juicy and delicious Bacon Mushroom Burger of Bratz Grilled Burger at El Fresco. One bite will never be enough.



9. Seafood Ramen – Ramen Santouka Philippines

Love seafood so much? Then Ramen Santouka Philippines got you covered with their delicious Seafood Ramen. A broth so good that you can’t help slurping it all.


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