9 Great Eats Last June

Here’s a list of the 9 great eats we had last June in no particular order.

1. Prime Rib


This Prime Rib of Bloom Restaurant is nothing but pure heaven. Tender and delicious meat to devour on. Mouth-watering and simply addicting. One think to look forward to for dinner at @imhotelph.

2. Spicy Ramen


One of the reasons to try @ramennagimanila. Their Spicy Ramen that doesn’t only look good but tastes even better. But make sure to set your level of spiciness to enjoy this hot treat! #favoriteramen

3. Crab Bee Hon


The Signature Crab Bee Hon of @empressjadeph doesn’t just look great to the eyes but it’s absolutely yummy too. Don’t dare to missed it when you’re staying at @imhotelph.

4. Sisig


One of the best Sisig in this side of Makati. Literally mouth-watering and very addicting. Try it now @kambinganniapong to believe it. Perfect beer match and undeniably the perfect ulam. One cup of rice will surely not be enough.

5. Tomahawk Steak


The Australian Long Fed Tomahawk of Fireplace Steakhouse and Grill restaurant of @newworldmanilabay. This ginormous steak was such a delight to devour. Its meat was so juicy and tender. Every bite is so addicting that we honestly devour it without a steak sauce.

6. Beer Mussels


The Beer Mussels of @minokaua, can be taken as a meal or as a beer match. Regardless of how you take, we’re sure that you will definitely enjoy it.

7. Pinatisang Baka


@naimasph has really done it. Their Pinatisang Baka hits more than just a taste of homecooked meals. Its tender and very appetizing meat makes you wanna order extra rice. It’s one of those dish that will truly leave a mark.

8. Porchetta Steak


The mouth-watering Porchetta Steak of @viverehotel. This dish is definitely worth travelling the miles. waThese slabs of pork belly plus the generous slices of US Tenderloin steak is absolutely one of the highlights of our evening at this 5-star hotel. Don’t dare to missed this if you dine at The Nest of @viverehotel.

9. Baby Back Ribs


Tender, moist and undeniably delicious Baby Back Ribs from last night’s buffet of Latitude here at @hoteljenmanila. We did not just have one serving of this but three. Cause that’s how deliciously addicting it is!  #leaveboringbehind #latitude #hoteljenmanila


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