9 Great Eats Last May


The month of May ended before we knew it. It was a month full of eating, eating and eating. As we enter another month of great food, here’s a list of the 9 great eats we had last May.

1 – Ebi Tempura


If you can’t get enough of Maki and Tempura, then head on to a nearest @tendonakimitsumanila branch now. They offer great makis, sashimis, tempuras and more.

2 – Shabulalo


While beating the summer heat through @chateauroyalebatangas waves pool and other attractions, don’t dare missed out on their Shabulalo exclusively available at their Floating restaurant. Its their take on the famous bulalo made the shabu shabu way.

3 – Butao King Ramen


The Butao King Ramen from @ramennagimanila, perfectly crafted and served deliciously this rainy Sunday evening. Sluuuurrp away! #favoriteramen

4 – Crispy Pata


We devoured the crunchy and crispy Pata from @gerrysrestaurant like there’s no tomorrow. That’s how good their pata is. One of the main event for us at the #smcitybaliwagfoodfest. We had such a great time peeling of its skin up to the bones.

5 – Bistek Tagalog


@thepeninsulamanila offers premium Filipino dishes at its classic taste and feel. Like this Bistek Tagalog that is made of Beef Tenderloin Medallions, onion and soy calamansi. Don’t ever missed out this dish when you dine in at the Lobby.

6 – Admiral Steak


We’d definitely understand if you wanna break up with your diet for now. Indulge yourself with this Admiral Steak from @elheneral.co that’s sure to keep your mouth water.

7 – The Cod Fish


The Cod fish cooked the Arriero Way. If you’re a fish lover then this one’s the perfect dish for you. Pair it with a glass of wine to elevate and pamper your taste buds. Try it at @tapellarestobar.

8 – Mayon Stuffed Pizza


The thing about spicy food is either you love it or you hate it. For us, we simply can’t get enough of it. Like this famous and mildly spicy (to our standards) Mayon Stuffed Pizza from @stc_legazpi. Every bite is simply irresistible and addicting. It just made our Bicolandia trip truly memorable.

9 – US Tenderloin Fillet


This US Tenderloin Fillet from @cafevoilacrosswinds is every meat lovers dream. Its tender and delicious and perfect for the Tagaytay cold weather and scenic view.

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