9 Great Eats Last September

Here’s a list of the 9 great eats we had last September in no particular order.

1. Braised BBQ Pork Ribs – Luxent Hotel

This Braised BBQ Pork Ribs doesn’t just look so appetizing in this shot, its meat is really tender, juicy and yummy because of the added BBQ sauce marinade. Don’t dare to miss it when dining at the Garden Cafe of Luxent Hotel.


2. Adobo Flakes Kare Kare – Figaro Coffee

One of the newest Executive Lunch Set to look forward to, Figaro Coffee‘s Adobo Flakes Kare Kare. Served with Java Rice and Kare Kare Sauce with Veggies. This meal is truly on point. We truly understand why it’s becoming a best seller.


3. Champorado – Marriott Cafe

Creamy and very delicious, this Champorado of Marriott Cafe is definitely on point. Made from our local Tablea, this dish is really quite addicting. Champorado has never been this good. Don’t forget to try it when you’re at Marriott Cafe.


4. Mixed Seafood – Manila Marriott

Can’t get enough of seafoods? Fret no more as Marriott Cafe of Manila Marriott offers wide range of seafoods dishes to choose from! Enjoy it Ala Carte or even at their lunch buffet!


5. Pasta – Harry’s Cafe

If you’re a fan of pasta then Harry’s Cafe got you covered with their different type of Pastas to choose from. Try one or try them all at Harry’s Cafe Uptown Mall today.


6. Prime Rib – Rizal Park Hotel

Meat lovers rejoice as the Prime Rib offering of the Rizal Cafe of Rizal Park Hotel is every meat lovers delight. Tender, juicy and oozing with flavor.IMG_20170924_114329_413

7. Grilled Pork Barbeque – Carnival Food Park

This tender and juicy Grilled Pork Barbecue of Grillax from Carnival Food Park is the best pika pika to indulge with, by yourself or with your friends and family. Dip it into their home made soy sauce and we won’t judge if you will most likely finish two sticks or more.IMG_20170921_142431_467

8. HCP Wings – Mando’s Wingshack

Who knew Honey, Calamansi and Patis would be an irresistible flavor until we tasted this HCP Wings of Mando’s Wingshack? Simply delightful, one piece will never be enough.


9. Pollo Rostizado – Cafe Sanso

Say hello to the Pollo Rostizado of Cafe Sanso. It’s their Roasted Chicken served with garlic gravy and roasted garlic and pepper gremolata. Such a refreshing and appetizing dish for those who are tired of the typical fried version.IMG_20170903_173834_008

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