9 House of Lasagna Treats That Would Fill Your Sweet Tooth

We have been deliciously amazed by House of Lasagna with a lot of their savories twice. And so for our third time with them, we decided to go for their oh-so-sweet offering of Tin Can Cakes and other delectable pastries!

If you have a huge sweet tooth to fill, this list is the perfect one for you! Actually, this list is not only perfect for you as all of these desserts and snacks can be shared, too, as each is good for 4 to 6 people.

1. The Best Banana Bread (Php 400 Size: 7” x 3.5” x 3” Loaf)

Do you want something to snack on while you are going around the house doing your everyday chores? This Banana Bread is the one you could grab and go as this one is ultra moist, rich, and feels like home which is great, because you already are at home!

2. Graham Sylvanas (Php 420 Size: 10 pieces per tin can)

This one. Hands on to this one! You probably won’t be able to share this one and we are not going to judge you really, because we kept ours to ourselves as well. Made with 100% real buttercream, cashew meringue, and crushed graham, these ones went straight in our tummy in just a few minutes.

3. Calamansi Pie (Php 580 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

If you want something that is sweet with a hint of sour in every mouthful, House of Lasagna’s Calamansi Pie would not disappoint you! It is of calamansi custard, graham cookie crust, and whipped cream topping, so really, you will be getting the best of both worlds with this one.

4. Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake (Php 580 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

Here’s another not-so-sweet treat if you are not that much of a fan of sweetness. Of moist chocolate sponge, custard filling, and dark chocolate truffle frosting, their Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake won’t only give you what you need, this is also the perfect snack for when you need a punch of wake-upper during your graveyard shift.

5. Red Velvet Cake (Php 580 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

Say hello to a passion-filled cake, will you? House of Lasagna’s Red Velvet Cake is of red velvet sponge with hints of chocolate and vanilla, as well as velvety cream cheese filling on top, so if you are a tad bit lost these past few days, this goodie will help you find your mojo again.

6. Classic Carrot Cake (Php 580 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

If you want something that would trick your brain into not guilt-tripping you, though, this Classic Carrot Cake is indeed the trick! A tin can filled with moist carrot sponge, hints of cinnamon, velvety cream cheese filling, with sliced almonds? There is just no denying that you will be digging into this one as if your life depended on it.

7. Ultimate Ube Cake (Php 630 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

In love with that purple goodie? If your answer is yes then, boy, would this one make you crazy. No kidding! This Ultimate Ube Cake really puts the word ultimate in a new perspective! Moist ube sponge, real ube halaya filling, and white chocolate truffle frosting? There’s nothing more ube than this!

8. Frozen Brazo Vanilla (Php 630 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

This next one is hard to beat, but we did beat it… by eating it! Get refreshed and happy with every sweet frozen spoonful of this one, all thanks to its graham crust, custard filling, and yes, vanilla ice cream! Whoever said vanilla ice cream is dull and boring really would be eating those words once they got a taste of this!

9. Frozen Brazo Chocolate (Php 630 Size: 6” x 2” tin can)

Last, but definitely not the least is House of Lasagna’s Frozen Brazo Chocolate! If you loved their vanilla version, then you sure will adore this chocolate version, too. Layered with graham crust, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate fudge? Oh, man, you won’t be able to say no to this, and honestly, you really shouldn’t!

There you have it! Nine sweet, lovely options to satisfy your sweet cravings during the night or whenever. Don’t worry for our throats, though, we balanced this sweet adventure with one of House of Lasagna’s savories and our pick for this time is none other than their Truffle Cream Pasta with Prosciutto (Single 1 to 2 pax Php 350 | Half Tray 4 to 6 pax Php 1200 | Whole Tray 9 to 12 pax Php 2400)!

This new addition to their already drool-worthy pasta selection is of spaghetti pasta, white truffle cream, shitake mushrooms, and prosciutto ham!

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