9 Outstanding Reasons Why You Need To Go To Beiruti Bite Express Now

We have been such a big fan of Shawarma ever since the craze for it started couple of years ago.  And up to now, a lot of us has been crazy addicted on munching this meaty goodness every chance we can get.

So we’re more than excited to share that there’s an unfamiliar joint in town, one that you may find unnoticeable and yet worth travelling and worth looking for when you’re at Market Market Mall. It’s a stall called Beiruti Bite Express and here we’ve gathered all the reasons why you should hurry up and grab a bite at this kiosk now.


    1. They have a unique way of preparing your Shawarma, they torched it in front of you instead of heating it on a greasy panel like what normal Shawarma stand do.



2. They have three different sizes to choose from, their Regular, Titan and Challenger. Depending on your appetite every inch of your cravings will surely be satiated with their different Shawarma sizes.


3. They offer healthy option for vegetarian people or the ones that are on a diet, say hello to their delicious Falafel Sandwich.


4. They’ve got lots and lots of cheese to offer through their Beef Saj and Cheese Saj.

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