Get delectably wacked by Wacko Waffles!

Let’s talk about desserts and how basically, they are heaven sent, shall we? Usually, people overlook dessert as being a part of a meal as it is often more looked at as a luxury; and so if you are like us, who think desserts should be given more credit, then come on board, because we are here to try out this delicious treat on a stick that has been making some noise all the while making people go wacko on sweets!

Never have we ever thought waffles can be so much more than a breakfast dish, but then again with this innovative era we are currently in, this should not have come as a surprise as well, but it is, and let us tell you that it is such a wonderful surprise, this Wacko Waffles is!

Waffling around not only in the metro, but also in some provincial areas, Wacko Waffles has made kids pull their parents into its kiosk and get into buying them one or maybe even more, because parents seeing their kids delighted in each bite would definitely be reaching for some as well.

By prepping only the perfect batter for their perfect waffle, Wacko Waffles have been serving up different variants of their tasty treats that have been the new favorite snack of not only kids, but also kids at heart ever since October of last year.

Starting only at Php 39, you would be able to sink your teeth into the goodness of Wacko Waffles’ Classics which are Cheese, Caramel, Blueberry, and Strawberry. Meanwhile, for Php 59 you will have a delectable mouthful of their Premiums that are Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate.

Make your waffle choice even more fun by putting add-ons like Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, and Rice Crispies, each being Php 10 only; or Chocolate Chips, Cheese Filling, and Any Syrup (Caramel, Blueberry, Strawberry), each being Php 15 only; or Crushed Oreos, Cream Cheese, and Whipped Cream, each being Php 20 only!

But then again, if you think you are in a rush and got no time to think much of what your waffle is or what to put into your waffle, Wacko Waffles also has Perfect Pairs which are their bestsellers like the Cheesy Caramel (Caramel Syrup + Cheese Filling Php 54), the Choco Blueberry (Blueberry Syrup + Chocolate Chips Php 54), the Creamy Strawberry (Strawberry Syrup + Cream Cheese Php 59), the Crunchy Chocolate (Milk Chocolate + Rice Crispies Php 69), and the Cookies & Cream (White Chocolate + Crushed Oreos Php 79) which are all a delight!

Top your chosen treat with some whipped cream or pair it with some hot drinks as Wacko Waffles has Hot Chocolate, Caramel Macchiato, and Creamy Coffee. Catch these goodies at Market! Market!, Taguig; Marquee Mall, Pampanga; and Robinsons, Novaliches.

featured Kiosk Branch: Market! Market!, Taguig

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Address: Market! Market!, McKinley Pkwy, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 09175155198

Hours of Operation: Mall Hours

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