A Bistro by the Pool: Experience an award-winning restaurant in the heart of Davao City with Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Davao

Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Davao is the marriage between a glistening beautiful restaurant and award-winning food. Overlooking the pool and a chill and a cozy place to enjoy dinner or quiet moments, Polo Bistro is perfect for good times with friends and family as it has a seating capacity of sixty.





Right on a carpet of city lights while being embraced by the cool winds, Polo Bistro is serving inter-continental Ala Carte together with a fusion of Davao flavors. Glass paneled and located in the middle of the pool and the cabanas, its dim lit atmosphere and classy vibe will sure to set the mood for a romantic evening with your loved ones.


Upon arriving, we were assisted to our table where we got to have some complimentary serving of Ciabatta bread which we really appreciated as it was freshly baked, crunchy, and flaky. It was such a teaser of what Polo Bistro has actually prepared for us and we couldn’t help but anticipate for more.



Teasing us more with one of their starters, Polo Bistro placed on our table their Signature Davao Tuna Kinilaw with Dried Squid Flakes. We loved how truly fresh the tuna was and how crispy the dried squid flakes were – no doubt everything in this dish is enjoyable and this is just the first one, there’s so much more to come.


Following that with a soup dish which was the Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup with Focaccia Mozzarella Toast. This dish overall was tasty with the tomato being sweet. We suggest you dip the focaccia mozzarella toast into the roasted tomato and basil soup and you will definitely be digging more into it.




After that we had another signature dish of Polo Bistro which was the Baked BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Grilled Tuna Belly, served with pomelo and green mango salad alongside sweet potato chips. The baby back ribs really tasted great, especially its meat was tender and was oozing with sweet and savory flavors from its sauce.


And of course, being in Bohol, one shouldn’t be here without trying out their famed fruit, the Durian. Putting a twist on that tasty fruit, Polo Bistro served us their Durian Crème Brûlée with vanilla ice cream which we can’t deny was heavenly! It was all creamy, thick, and rich flavor – a serving of this is good for sharing, but we doubt if you would actually want to share.



As each and every dish served to us by Polo Bistro was surely flavorful, we washed it all down with their delicious Signature Iced tea. The tea they used was specifically Earl Gray in which they also put elder flower syrup as their sweetener – it was an added plus as it was no doubt organic and healthy. This was also served with Turkish delight and was the winning entry for one of the competitions they have entered in.

Aside from having an exquisite wide variant of award-winning dishes, Polo Bistro in Marco Polo Davao also has an array of drinks you surely should not miss out on! From Soft Beverages such as softdrinks, sparkling mineral water, and soda & bottled water, to Iced Tea Coolers, to Fresh Juices and Fruit Shakes, to Warmers such as coffee and tea, down to Cocktails, hands sown you will get to choose something that would suit your liking!


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