A Cheesy Dose: We went for Round 2 with Baked Sushi by Madam Rose

Another day, another sushi bake to dig into! That’s how our life is lately — to say the least. Sushi Bakes really have taken the food scene by storm as it is a delicious food that is heavy in the belly already. This one will not only be able to satisfy your cravings, but also make you full. A tray of rice topped with meat and more? No wonder this one is a hit!

Baked Sushi by Madam Rose is just one of the many online food stores which you could get your Sushi Bake fix from, but they will sure have you ordering again and again, making them your favorite, to simply put it. A lot of people have tried different Sushi Bakes from them and these people could very much vouch for the yumminess and fullness they have experienced from the one and only Baked Sushi by Madam Rose.

Just like others, this is not our first order from Baked Sushi by Madam Rose. This time we made sure to order not only one, but two Sushi Bake trays that are of different variants already, because we just know we would go for another round anyway.

Their Salmon Baked Sushi (Medium Php 750 | Large Php 1150 | Extra Large Php 2200) is a classic that we got to try already, but we are so glad to have devoured for the second time. We truly just enjoy how luscious this one is. From the salmon to the sauce to the rice — everything about this one is downright flavorful and yum!

As we are lovers of cheese, we are so excited to try their Sushi Bake variant called Salmon Cheesy Baked Sushi (Medium Php 800 | Large Php 1250 | Extra Large Php 2400). Imagine us being happy about the Salmon Baked Sushi already and then having this one next? Truly, we were ecstatic! The richness of the cheese no doubt blended well with the salmon and we just could not keep our mouths shut about it, except when we are eating it.

Baked Sushi by Madam Rose didn’t fail us just like the first time we tried one of their Sushi Bakes. Instead, they even exceeded our already tasty expectations from them; so to finall give in, check out Baked Sushi by Madam Rose on both Facebook and Instagram. They sure have a bunch more you could try!

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