A Second Round of Applause For Golden Estero

If you have seen our previous story on Golden Estero, then you know that this is our second time dining with them. Since this is our second time, then you know we only go for more than one round with a food brand when we had a lovely time with – and that is exactly what we had with Golden Estero last time so here we are with them again.

Golden Estero, if you are not familiar with them, though, is a food delivery service that highlights Asian cuisine. Their dishes are oozing with that savory and mouthwatering Asian flavors we are always craving for so if you are like us and your palate is all about the deliciousness of Asian cuisine too, then we suggest you go for Golden Estero as well.

Unlike last time though, we decided to go for just a few of what’s in their extensive menu this time, because we wanted to be able to indulge more on each of the dishes we got. With that, we chose to go for four of their bestselling dishes.

Starting with some seafood, Golden Estero’s Crown Flake Prawns (Php 400) is a delightful dish to start with, especially when you enjoy some good crunch; while their Pork Belly with Salted Fish (php 360) is a double yum as you don’t only get to dig into one protein, but two. These two seafood choices will have you going for more which isn’t a problem because Golden Estero has so many options up for grabs.

After having seafood, you might want to go for a few meaty options like beef and pork. Their Curry Beef Tendon (Php 350) which is a flavorful dish filled with tender beef and bell peppers in lovely curry sauce and their Fried Pork Belly in Coffee Sauce (Php 360) which will have you buzzing with luscious flavors are two winning choices!

With these four delicious dishes from Golden Estero, you surely will not be able to deny yourself of a feast they could only provide so just give into it and enjoy every moment you have with each of these yummies. Visit Golden Estero’s Facebook and Instagram to see more of their yumminess!

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