A taste of Chef Jessie’s Cooking.

I had the chance to try Chef Jessie’s dishes when my corporate job had our Office Blessing yesterday.  I wasn’t really aware that she’s also the Chef behind the famous Top of the City restaurant nearby, until I research her because I was curious why the organizers chose them to cater the event.

We had a small office, so they had to prepare all the food in our Conference Room.  So when everything was all in place, I grab the chance of taking pictures of all their offerings.

I initially took the pictures of the crew while they’re busy preparing, then naturally, to the palatable dishes laid out in front of me.


Garlic studded Roast Baby Lamb Leg with bread rolls and mustard.

The meat was tender and juicy but the brown sauce was too strong for me.  So I decided to dress the lamb leg with mustard instead.But somehow I find it missing something. The taste seems to be bland.


Chicken Liver Tapenade with Croutons.

I have always love chicken liver, in fact whenever we cook Chicken Adobo we never fail to include it.  But the chicken liver tapenade was too dry and bitter.  It would have been better if there were more spices to neutralized the bitter taste.


Mediterranean Salad with Artichoke Hearts and Feta Cheese, in pesto vinaigrette dressing.

This Salad on the other hand, was an absolute delight.  The fresh vegetables and the creamy feta cheese complemented each other, thus creating an appetizing flavor.  I had two servings of this.


Linguine Pomodoro with Crunchy Prosciutto.

This tomato based pasta is of the normal Italian sour taste.  I prefer my pasta to be just in the middle of sour and sweetness so I didn’t really enjoy it much.  But for those who appreciates it, the Italian way, you will absolutely like it.


Mini Chicken Escalope with Diable Sauce.

Despite the not so tender meat of the chicken, the sauce compensated the overall taste.  Its saltiness was mixed with the sweetness of the rest of the spices and ingredients, thus creating a bit of a flavor.


Seafood and Vegetable Kebab.

I love how the variety of seafood was mixed with the veggies.  The salmon was amazing and the shrimp was so meaty.  The veggies on the other hand are so flavorful because of the spices that was used.  I must say, I had plenty of this.  I will no longer mentioned the number though.

Now, on to my favorite part.  The Desserts.


Fruit Tartlets.

These bite-sized treats are so amazingly yummy and scrumptious.  The fresh fruit toppings paired with the crunchy and tasty crust is a killer combination.  I’m proud to say that I had 5 of these tiny delights.


Mini Chocolate Kiss.

These luscious little kisses is so yummy and delicious because of the distinctive taste of dark chocolate and the chocolate stuffed frosting on top.

Overall, the event was such a success.  We had a lot of attendees, our big boss was there, the food was okay, nothing really special about it though.

You can check out Chef Jessie at the links below.






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