A tour-rific food crawl: Out and About on a Gastronomic Adventure with FoodPanda’s Eat N’ Greet

Fine. Fine. Okay, fine! You got us! You just really got us and we are not even going to deny it. Our life revolves around food and we are telling you, it is good! It is so good that you will not only get full, but also learn a lot about someone and something. In food, what people don’t see is that there is art behind it, there is a story, even a culture that often gets overlooked.

Anyway, that being said, we do enjoy going to food events, aside from the restaurant features we go to, because on food events, we get to meet fellow foodies like us and get to try out different food and dining concepts, too. Recently, we took part in FoodPanda’s Eat N’ Greet: A tour-rific food crawl full of sweet and savory surprises! This Eat N’ Greet Series of FandaPanda aims to build a fun food adventure to us, participants, allowing us to discover the best taste in town!

With that, enough with all this chit-chat, and let’s start eating and greeting as we head onto our first stop which was none other than Tori Chizu (Facebook & Instagram)! Tori Chizu puts a cheesy twist with a touch of Western flavors on your fave Japanese nomnoms. Here we got to try their trademark dishes like the Chizu Bowls, Baked Rice, and Japanese-Style Chicken which comes in two variants: Umami and Spicy Umami.

After Tori Chizu, we went to another restaurant that prides themselves when it comes to their chicken offering! BonChon (Facebook & Instagram), for 9 years, has been bringing delicious Korean dishes to their customers’ tables and they continue to up their game as they enhance their current formulation and even offer exciting new ones like the Gangnam Buffalo and Sesame Barbecue Chicken variants.

Alongside those, you better watch out for their lastest Chicken variant which is the K Classic Buffalo inspired from American buffalo sauce giving you a zesty and savory chicken journey, in partnership with Tabasco, and have been launched last October 7 together with their new Milk Tea Bingsu in partnership with happy Lemon and Bingsu Korean Snow Ice Dessert.

Next to that is Go Bento (Facebook & Instagram) which is the go-to place for a tasty variance of Japanese dishes that is served creatively and delightfully in the form of a delicious as well as convenient bento meal.  They are also introduced as an everyday affordable jap place.

Also, they offer trays that are good for big groups and even party platters which you can avail for bulk orders, good for corporate events. We got to try their Assorted Maki, Chicken Karaage, Beef Misono, Gyoza, Spicy Karaage Ramen, Yakitori, and Ube Macapuno Soft-Serve.

For our fourth and last stop, we are capping this Eat N’ Greet Series of FoodPanda with Caffe Freddo (Facebook & Instagram). Caffe Freddo is a fairly new cafe that offers the best of both worlds – good food and great coffee! This cafe is a great frequent meet-up venue for professionals, as well as a lovely catch up sesh place for pals and fambam.

Truly, Caffe Freddo was a sweet cap to our very gastronomic day as we got to dig into their Avocado Benedict, Tuna Poke Tapioca, and pair those with their trademark drink, the Freddo. The Freddo actually comes in an array of delectable variants such as Mocha, Milktea, Ube, Matcha, and Mango Tapioca.

This Eat N’ Greet Series of FoodPanda really was wonderful and a success as they got to introduce us to more unique food choices on a thematic scale while having the time of our lives with new found friends because the foodie family is undeniably growing, too!

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