Absolut launches campaign celebrating the power of creativity

Absolut Vodka is shaking things up yet again. The New York based brand, long known for its colorful and creative ads and progressive attitude, capitalizes on its signature style and initiates Create A Better Tomorrow, Tonight, a global campaign that celebrates the power of creativity, spotlighting several core social issues that the company believes should receive more attention.


Absolut has recently partnered with internationally acclaimed cinematographer and three-consecutive-time Academy Award winner Emmanuel Lubezki to create ‘One Night,’ an ambitious film that tells the story of creativity as the key fuel for progress in the world. Accompanied by a voiceover from Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actor/musician, Juliette Lewis, the film celebrates humanity’s biggest moments of creativity, starting with the Big Bang and moving through to the modern day.


The film continues Absolut’s rich history of working with some of the world’s most innovative creatives, ranging from greats such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Tom Ford right through to contemporary figures such as Deadmau5 and Mickalene Thomas.

Create A Better Tomorrow, Tonight is an exciting moment for us, as we feel it beautifully encapsulates everything we stand for as a company”, says Gaia Gilardini, Global Communications Director. “Absolut has always believed in the power of creativity to spark progress in the world, and that’s something we want to bring to life in everything we do.”

Michalene Thomas for Absolut 2

Ian Heartfield, Executive Creative Director of BBH London said: “Great ideas happen when people get together, more often than not the best of these ideas occur at night. This film is a celebration of the greatest idea that came from a night – the creation of life itself. It is the perfect launch for Create A Better Tomorrow, Tonight, Absolut’s celebratory call to arms.”

This is not the first time that the popular liquor brand has pushed the envelope when it comes to its advertising campaigns. Absolut was the first to rainbow brand its product in 1979 and has continued to support the LGBTQI+ movement, along with other progressive and liberal movements.

Olivia Steele for Absolut 2

Since the late 80s Absolut has collaborated with more than 550 artists including Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, Keith Haring and most recently Los Carpinteros, Mickalene Thomas and Adrian Wong, turning art into advertising and collaborating with artists beyond the conventional gallery walls.

Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight will also be executed across social media platforms, with Absolut collaborating with seven additional artists on a digital campaign, each also briefed to create their own vision of a better tomorrow. The work created by photographer Catherine Losing, musician Nakury, illustrator David Luepschen, graphic designers Chrissie Abbott and Tracey Ma and street artists Bambi and Hansky is set to be showcase across Absolut’s social channels.





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