Achieve balance between wellness and deliciousness with Tom Hortons this 2019!


Having a kickoff in the Philippines back in 2017, Tim Hortons has been serving  coffee, breakfast, lunch and sandwiches, wedges and dip, donuts and their iconic timbits, baked goods and so much more yummies you never knew you wanted or even needed in your life until you got a taste of it.





Right off the bat, it is so hard to miss this café because of its striking color of choice which is the stunning red. More so than having a great menu of delicious food, Tim Hortons has an ambiance that would wrap you in warmth, goodness, and comfort, regardless if you want a moment with a loved one, share some good laugh with your friends and family, or just treat yourself out for some delightful alone time for that goal of yours which is self-love.



Whatever the reason you may or may not have, we are here to give you some scrumptious food choices you might want to try on your next visit, if you have not tried them yet!


Made up of seasoned white meat chicken topped with fresh tomatoes, baby spinach, and red onions, drizzled with a creamy sundried tomato sauce, all on sourdough panini bread, Tuscan Chicken Panini is a delectable beaut grilled to perfection.


This tasty fine thing coming up is of savory beef steak complemented with red onion slices on a toasted Panini bun which is no other than another filling variant of Tim Horton’s Panini which is the Steak & Cheese Panini.


Next is the lovely and lip-smacking good Crispy Chicken Ciabatta which is not only a hearty-looking sandwich, but really is a hearty sandwich made up of seasoned white chicken meat, crispy lettuce, and juicy tomatoes with a light mayonnaise dressing in a ciabatta bun.


People say third time is a charm and we obviously had three mouthwatering sandwiches already; there is no denying in that, but having a fourth is not a crime, right? Tim Horton’s Grilled Cheese is of buttered sourdough Panini bread topped with slices of American cheese, all grilled to melted magnificence.


If you feel like going for a lighter option, then do not fret because Time Hortons has some not-so-sinful snacks that would go really well with your drink. Their Potato Wedges are deliciously seasoned crinkle cut potatoes with a golden crispy outside and tender inside.



When you are up for some sweet coating to soon end this another flavorful food endeavor, Tim Hortons has tons of donuts which you can happily choose from – one of which is their Old-Fashioned Glazed which is a soft-cake white donut covered in their donut glaze.


And of course, we are not to go at Tim Hortons and leave without having their famous offering which was introduced in 1976 and has been recognized as a Canadian icon, the Timbits, which we love, you love, and everybody loves. The Timbits are morsels of Tim Hortons’ traditional donuts which are bite-sized and available all day long in various flavors and snack packs for you to munch on and enjoy.


For drinks, what we can suggest for you to try out is their signature creamy French Vanilla which is actually a favorite of ours. You can have it hot or cold; either way you will rediscover its rich taste which will sure to warm your loving heart whatever the time is, whatever the season is.




Everything deliciously prepared every day, Tim Hortons try their best to achieve balance in all that they do as it is such an important part of living well because eating well and sometimes treating yourself can, and should, go together, nonetheless.

FEATURED TIM HORTON’S BRANCH: Glorietta 4, Makati City

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