Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort invites you to switch to sustainable relaxation

This big blue marble we are all living in is hurting and we do not know about you but we know we, humans, have a huge part in being at fault there. If you have been scrolling your time away in any social media platform you have, you probably have seen a bunch of posts – may it articles, headlines, and even memes – regarding climate change, melting of glacier ice, ozone layer depletion, and many more regarding mother nature crying for help.

And we get it, from all the toxicities that are surrounding you, you probably would opt out for a getaway just to have some sense of an escape, a breather, but then again, we just want you to know that you have the option to go somewhere wherein you will definitely find what you are looking for all the while not hurting our environment more.

Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is firm on their stand in regards protecting the place we are all living in while providing you a private sanctuary that would surely rejuvenate your mind, body, as well as your spirit. After all, your inner peace should definitely not be overlooked.

Located in the heart of Oton, this resort is actually Iloilo’s first sustainable resort wherein you can stay in at their eco-friendly rooms, avail their eco-conscious services, and attend their eco-minded events. To experience and to welcome you to the sanctuary that is Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort, you can go for their Green Room which is ideal for small groups and is located behind the pool area, amidst their garden paradise; their Blue Room which opens to a verandah with a view of their garden as well as their aviary; or their Ocean Villa which is oozing with privacy, comfort, and style as it opens up to a verandah, too, overlooking the pool, the beach, and the sea.

Lucky for us, we got to experience the Ocean Villa which we totally loved staying in as it was really spacious and has that laid-back, homey vibe that we surely adore. Our comfy beds made sure we were all snuggled up nicely so we certainly had a good night sleep as well as we were able to take real nice naps. The loo is also nice as it has the complete shower, toilet, sink trio in a rather huge room with a big mirror as well, perfect for taking bathroom selfies.

As much as we wanted to stay, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is truly a beaut that should be explored because they have so many lovely spots to go check out. You will indeed enjoy harmonizing with nature in a serene place that gives back to nature. With the feel of the breeze of fresh and salty air fanning your face, you can wander around the beach barefoot; take a dip; or even horseback.

Also, as you are already at Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort, better not miss out on experiencing fully #bluebythesea with their atSea Restaurant that not only offers soul fusion food, but also blue food which stands for eco-conscious as well as sustainable food, taken inspiration from the surrounding waters in the area, highlighting not only delectable flavors good for the palate, but indeed good for the planet we are all living in as well.

To fully plunge in and indulge yourself with Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort, you can also opt for their #spabythe sea which basically is their eco spa by the sea wherein they will have you pampered by sea, giving you the ultimate relaxation not only your sore muscles need, but your tiresome soul too.

Plus, to really awaken and also soothe your bruised spirit, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort has #bluesoul which is their program called Blue Yoga to power up your soul.

Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort really is making a difference for the environment by leveling up the love and care that should have been the norm in protecting mother nature ever since. They have brought sustainability up a notch, giving people the rest they need while being hand in hand taking good care of the ecosystem.

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Address: J.C. Zulueta St, Oton, 5020 Iloilo

Contact Number: 0917 530 7104

Hours of Operation: Always Open

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