Adobo Diaries: 5 Adobo Versions to Try

Adobo. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you learned that you guys are going to have adobo for your next meal? More often than not, Chicken Adobo and Pork Adob0o are the most common go-tos of Filipino households. Adobo afterall is one of the most famous Filipino dishes that is often highlighted to visiting tourists.

That being said, other than Chicken Adobo and Pork Adobo, here are three more Adobo dishes that Pinoys just love to pair with their other favourite, the steamed white rice!

1.) Adobong Sitaw

Photo by Asian Inspirations

Sitaw or in English, String Beans is a vegetable also referred to as Green Beans is often sautéed in garlic and oil or sometimes even with lemon.  Hopever, here in the Philippines, this veggie is a popular main ingredient in making an Adobo if the household want a healthier take on it.

2.) Adobong Kangkong

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Another heathier twist on the classic Adobo is none other than Adobong Kangkong. Kangkong is commonly known as Water Spinash and is a well-known side dish among Asian food cultures. Here in the Philippines, though, Adobong Kangkong is something that they could make them reach for more rice as the crunchy texture and umami taste it has just blend with it so well.

3.) Adobong Scallop

Photo by What To Eat PH

Scallops are usually served fresh or baked , but this Adobong Scallop is something we have just tried fairly recently. We did not expect how yummy this one tastes and we would gladly travel high and low to have this again. We had this one is one of the islands in Iloilo and we haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. It is that good!

4.) Adobong Pusit

Photo by Jenel Laureta

Another delish from the sea that is just delectable when cooked Adobo style is squid. It is first boiled in soy sauce and vinegar, made even tastier with garlic and onions, alongside other spices, bringing a savory array of flavors that will surely bring your palate into a scrumptious adobo adventure in every mouthful!

5.) Adobong Kambing

Photo by What To Eat PH

And of course, pork and chicken are not the only meaty options you could go for when you want to have Adobo. Adobong Kambing or Goat Meat Adobo is another option for you to devour with your family. Just make sure to boil the goat meat with ginger to remove the strong scent it has as well as to tenderize its meat.

Truly, the Filipino food culture is a lot to take in as it has a lot to offer. Famous recipes like Adobo has so many version as well – not only when it comes to the main ingredient used in it, but also even on how it looks – but then again, that’s another topic for another time. For now, these are a few Adobo types the Philippines has. Bonus Adobo type is Adobong Mani or Adobo-flavored Peanuts which is great for snack time or drinking sessions.

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