Airbakes Manila: More than just your typical sylvanas and sansrival

Days have probably been tougher lately. One minute we are all happy, the next minute we are feeling down. Feeling like that is understandable, we are in a crisis and even though we already have a new normal, adjusting and adapting to it do not come easy to everyone. We all have our own pacing, so let’s take each and every day in respect to our own accord – whether slowly or quickly. That being said, if you need a little pick-me-up from being down in the dumps, we found a lovely online shop wherein you could give yourself a treat and maybe help you feel a bit better.

Airbakes Manila is all about giving your sweet tooth the kind of present you truly deserve. If you are one for sylvanas, sansrival, dreamcakes, cookies, breads – basically homemade desserts – then this one is for you! Your palate will absolutely love what Airbakes Manila has to offer, because not only will you be able to satisfy your craving, but also you will feel light like a feather.

With that, we opted to try their Sylvanas and Sansrival. Their Sylvanas are available every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday and you have to place your order 3 to 5 days in advance. This one comes in three delightful flavors that we sure enjoyed munching while working and resting — Classic Sylvanas (Box of 6 Php 250 | Tin Can Php 290), Mocha Sylvanas (Box of 6 Php 270 | Tin Can Php 320), and Speculoos Sylvanas (Box of 6 Php 290 | Tin Can Php 330). If you could not choose a single flavor to try, you could go for what they call Variety Sylvanas (9 pieces in a Tin Can, 3 pieces each flavor Php 520).

Meanwhile, if you had a good time with their Sylvanas, then we are pretty sure you are going to love their Sansrival as well! As this offering of theirs is considered as Specialty Cakes, these ones are Made to Order and you have to place your order 3 to 5 days in advance, and comes in three delectable variants, too. You can have their Sansrival in Classic Cashew Sansrival (Mini Php 300 | 6″ Round Php 750 | 8″ Round Php 1000), in Mocha Sansrival (Mini Php 360 | 6″ Round Php 850 | 8″ Round Php 1100), or in Speculoos Sansrival (Mini Php 450 | 6″ Round Php 1000 | 8″ Round Php 1350).

For more information about Airbakes, their other offerings, and the availability of their products, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, to order, just send them a message on their aforementioned Social Media pages.

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