Allegro Restaurant marries cultural presentations and a hearty feast

If one day you find yourself wrapped in the serenity and beauty of Bluewater Maribago, then do know that it is truly an opportunity and privilege for you to not burden yourself with worries and stress. We are not even kidding, you have got to use that time to absolutrly relax and just enjoy yourself. 

Need suggestions on how to pamper yourself? Well, we have the perfect treat for you! Bluewater Maribago is also known for their luscious feasts, and that you could have them in their all-day dining restaurant, Allegro Restaurant. Open 24 hours and is offering al fresco dining by the poolside patios, Allegro Restaurant is a food spot that will absolutely hit the spot! 

Putting the spotlight on classic and Filipino dishes, Allegro Restaurant is also about marrying the flavors in respect to the season and theme, hence they change their menu quarterly plus host themed dinners like their crowd favorite, the Barrio Fiesta. Diners were immersed in local culture through a delicious and hearty feast alongside enjoyable live cultural presentations. 

Chorizo Empanada

With that, let’s begin your Allegro Restaurant feast, shall we? Their Chorizo Empanada (Php 350) is a splendid starter. Don’t think twice and bite into this homemade empanada filled with spicy Cebuano chorizo-hubad and vegetables. Remember to dip it into its pairing, their spiced vinegar and pickled vegetables for that extra sour punch. 

Sinigang na Isda sa Ube

From their empanada, come find comfort with a few of their Comfort Flavors in Bowl. First is their Sinigang na Isda sa Ube (Php 560) which is pan-seared snapper with mashed purple yam as well as taro, alongside crispy root chips and lemon wedge. On top of that, this dish is also served with tamarind and taro broth. 


Another comforting bowl is their Pinakupsan (Php 520). You better prepare yourself for this dish as this is a mix of pork and chicken rendered in their own fat, and then served with sambal rice, ampalaya salad, tomato and pomelo salad, pickled cucumber, garlic chips, fried kangkong, and cashew nuts. Talk about a filling food, right? 

Pugapo Escabeche
Pugapo Escabeche

If you are already full by eating all those, then rest for a bit because we have just started! Allegro Restaurant has a number of Specialties and Mains that you would not want to miss out on. You can first dig into their fish options such as their Pugapo Escabeche (Php 790) which is which is fresh from the sea and is served with turmeric sauce, promising a tinted sweet and sour adventure; or you could also get your hands on their Sugpusoy (Php 790) which is pan-seared grouper fish fillet topped with prawns sauteed crab fat roe, coconut cream, lemongrass, and toasted cashew nuts. 

Sinudlan na Manok
Lechon Kawali

From fish, don’t hesitate and jump onto some chicken and pork dishes. Their Sinudlan na Manok (Pho 690) is stuffed chicken with homemade Cebuano chorizo hubad braised in garlic annatto oil and lemongrass sauce; while their Lechon Kawali (Php 730) is twice cooked pork belly that was deep fried hence extra crispy and tender for your delight. Yummy, surely! 

Bistek Tagalog
Beef Kare-Kare

Of course, this Allegro Restaurant feast won’t be complete if you don’t get to indulge in their beef options too so make sure to grab a few. Their Bistek Tagalog (Php 690) is pan fried marinated beef with calamansi soy sauce and fried onions, while their Beef Kare-Kare (Php 650) is the classic beef Filipino stew in thick and savory peanut sauce. No wonder these are crowd favorites, really! 

Adobo Fried Rice

Since you are already dining in at Allegro Restaurant, then we suggest you really make the most out of it and pair your savory choices with not only a plain cup of rice, but instead go for their Adobo Fried Rice (Php 620). We are telling you, you won’t regret every spoonful of this one as this is served with rendered pork, roasted garlic, and native sauce. So good, if you ask us! 

Table Lava Cake

Top all that off with a sweet ender! Their Table Lava Cake (Php 360) is a delectable contrast of hot and cold in each mouthful.  Moist and warm chocolate cake with a cool and delicious scoop of homemade ice cream? There is no other answer to that but yes! 

Get more Allegro Restaurant goodness and lusciousness by visiting them at Bluewater Maribago, Cebu! Know more about their offerings by checking Bluewater Maribago’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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