Always a good morning here at Bluewater Panglao’s Aplaya Restaurant & Bar

Staying at Bluewater Panglao over the night, you would probably think we won’t be able to make so much of our time, but boy, that is where you are absolutely wrong! We experienced so much with them! We got to tour their whole resort and get to taste a lot of yummies from their different dining concepts that are just no doubt unforgettable; and as we wake up to a new day which apparently was our last day with them and in Bohol, we were excited to really indulge in their offering of breakfast buffet at Aplaya Reatsuarant & Bar.

They really are pushing for contemporary Filipino cuisine, highlighting Boholano favorites, so we really had the time of our lives experiencing Bohol, specifically Bluewater Panglao, even up to our last minutes here in the place – which we are absolutely not complaining about, because it was just pure bliss. Their buffet spread was really well-thought of as we got to delight in some comfort food and so much more.

Speaking of comfort food, we got to make our own breakfast plates since this was a buffet breakfast, so first we had a plate filled with Spam fries, bacon, and garlic fried rice – such a go-to breakfast for most of us, don’t you agree?

The next plate we loaded with brekkie options is more leaning into Pinoy flavors which really get Filipinos looking forward in the morning and those are daing na pusit, daing na danggit, and eggs, because you definitely need protein for muscle building, right?

Another pinoy plate we totally went for is none other than a plate full of tapa, sausage, and eggs! We really take pleasure in every mash up of sweet and salty tones our palate got to play with.

And of course, Aplaya Restaurant & Bar also has a few Asian go-tos which Pinoys have no doubt grown into like the Siomai and Siopao, alongside a bowl of Congee. These ones surely have been a part of Filipinos’ lives ever since we have exchanged goods with Chinese people way back in history.

Topping this savory adventure of a breakfast buffet with Aplaya Restaurant & Bar here at Bluewater Panglao, their Puto, Ube Puto, Latik, and Coco Jam, alongside their Ube Ensaymada which is a fave, Croissant, Blueberry Danish, and Cupcake are the sweet ending we opted for.

We also got to freshen up our morning with Bluewater Panglao even more by sipping on fresh fruit juices such as their Pineappple Juice as well as ther Watermelon Juice – really revitalizing these two are! They also have Kalapeyung Sikwate available every breakfast buffet. This one is a signature hot chocolate drink here in Bohol which is thick and just perfectly luscious in every sip, so don’t you dare miss out on this, too!

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Address: Sitio Daurong, Danao, Panglao Island, Bohol

Contact Numnber: (038) 416 069