Another round of applause for Yummy Tokyo

Honestly, there is no reason to go for round 2 if we did not find the food to be delicious, and so every time you see us talking about some dishes more than once, then just know that it truly had us hooked. That said, Yummy Tokyo certainly is worthy to be returned to!

Yummy Tokyo
Yummy Tokyo

We have shared our experience with Yummy Tokyo a few years ago, and so now, here we are again, back for more! Yummy Tokyo is a homey ramen place in the amazing Maginhawa Food Strip. If you have been to Maginhawa, you already know that there are a lot of yummy options to go for, but really, one of our faves here has always been Yummy Tokyo. 

Tendon Curry Rice Meal

We started with a bang this time and went straight for their Rice Meals. Their Tendon Curry Rice Meal (Php 380) which is tender beef tendon curry served with warm bowl of Japanese rice; their Gyudon (Php 380) which is a japanese beef bowl served over a warm bowl of Japanese rice, red pickled ginger, and white sesame seeds; and their Chicken Teriyaki (Php 330) which is chicken glazed in a flavorful sweet soy-based sauce served with warm bowl of Japanese rice, spring onions, and white sesame seeds are hands down satisfying choices that we will be glad to have again. 

However, those are not the only ones we ordered so we then moved onto their Bento Meals and Bucket Meal. Their Karaage Bento Meal (Php 149) which is 50 grams of crunchy chicken strips served with rice and cold ramen; their Chashu Bento Meal (Php 149) which is a serving of 4 pieces chashu with rice and refreshing cold rame; and their Gyoza Bento Meal (Php 149) which includes 4 pieces gyoza served with rice and refreshing cold ramen surely had all the bases covered! We also had those with their crowd favorite Karaage Bucket Meal (Php 518) which is 500 grams of crunchy deep fried chicken bites served with Japanese mayonnaise. Yummy!


Aside from their Karaage Bucket Meal, we also reached for some of their must-try sides! We went for their Takoyaki (4 Pieces Php 89 | 6 Pieces Php 109 | 8 Pieces Php 139 | 12 Pieces Php 189) which is actually a well-loved Japanese snack in the shape of little round balls containing pieces of octopus, as well as their Gyoza (2 Pieces Php 69 | 6 Pieces Php 129) which is a mixture of minced pork and spices, hand wrapped in thinly rolled dough skin, and served with their signature shoyu-based sauce. 

Tantanmen Ramen
Shoyu Ramen

Now, tell us you did not think that these were all we had when we visited Yummy Tokyo again, because obviously, we would not miss out on having their ramens again too! This time we had their Tantanmen Ramen (Php 219) which is a bowl of noodles in a reddish, spicy chili, and sesame soup, topped with nikumiso and 1/2 aji tamago; their Shoyu Ramen (Php 199) which comes as noodles in a tangy, salty, and savory soup, topped with chashu, narutomaki, nori, and 1/2 aji tamago; and of course, their Cold Ramen (Php 199) which is a serving of noodles in a cold shoyu soup, topped with chicken strips, corn and cucumber. 

Yummy Tokyo

Certainly, we only have three words to describe our experience with Yummy Tokyo for the second time around, and that is none other than: Yummy, yummy, and just oh-so-yummy! On top of all that, we also got to pair a glass of refreshing Okinawa Milktea on our chosen dishes since Yummy Tokyo Maginhawa literally has a milktea store beside it. 

Get hooked with Yummy Tokyo and all the delicious rice meals and noodles they have waiting for you! Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information. 

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