Arce Haus: Luscious Comfort Food Made More Exciting!

Steaks are undeniably the type of food that you go for when you really want to pamper your taste buds. Most of the time, you could get steaks from fine dining restaurants, but truth be told, there are also just moments when we feel like enjoying steak in a relaxed and homey setting. Any suggestions? Well, if you have none and you are also looking for a place where you could comfortably let your hair down and just dig into your choice of steak, then let’s point you to Arce Haus!

Arce Haus

Arce Haus is not called Home of Great Tasting Steaks for nothing, because they surely live up to their promise. As they actually just opened right before the pandemic hit us, Arce Haus thriving up to this day is truly a testament as to how delicious and worth the return their food selection is! Certainly, people just could not get enough of them so let us skip all the chit-chat and just start chomping down on some classic comfort food made more exciting!

Chicken Skin Nachos

Speaking about comfort, we don’t know about you guys but getting handsy on our food is the best way to really get us in the zone! That’s why we first had Arce Haus’ Chicken Skin Nachos (Php 230) which is a mountain of crispy chicken skin topped with leafy veggies, cucumbers, and cheese! Yummy, indeed!

Meat Lovers Pizza
Salted Egg and Chicken Pasta

The next easy eats we went for are their Meat Lovers Pizza (Php 199) as well as their Salted Egg and Chicken Pasta (Solo Php 220 | Sharing Php 600). These two dishes were absolutely delectable and these are no doubt perfect while catching up with friends and family. 

Lechon Kawali

Other than comfort, Arce Haus is also a place where you could find familiar flavors that you will surely love. Their Kare-Kare (Php 299 | Sharing Php 800) which is a serving of tender meat cuts alongside fresh vegetables in thick and rich peanut sauce; as well as their Lechon Kawali (Php 299 | Sharing Php 550) which is a plate of tender pork slices with uber crispy skin alongside rice and dipping sauce are two Filipino dishes that you should watch out for!

Fried Chicken

For the kids, Arce Haus’ Fried Chicken (Php 299 | Sharing Php 499) is just perfect! This one is a generous serving of tasty fried quarter chicken leg, a side of veggies, and a cup of rice. Such a flavorful and fun treat for kids… and of course, kids at heart!

Since we mentioned that Arce Haus is called Home of Great Tasting Steaks, of course we did not leave without trying out a few steaks, especially when we found out that most of their steaks are now sourced locally too! Amazing, right?

Anyway, we first had their Tenderloin Steak (Php 450) which was just insanely good, to tell you frankly. This was our ultimate favorite and we will definitely be back to have this again. The tenderloin itself was sliced into cubes which made the whole experience even more enjoyable and comfortable, and then drenched in their luscious steak sauce. 

T-Bone Steak
Honey Mustard T-Bone Steak
Chimichurri T-Bone Steak

Another steak choice we went for here at Arce Haus is their T-Bone Steak (Php 330 | Php 470) which comes with rice, baby potatoes, corn and carrots, and gravy. If you must know, this, too, was hands down exquisite; especially because Arce Haus is also known for offering their steaks in different flavors, so we made sure to have this in their Original, Honey Mustard, and Chimichurri!

Australian T-Bone Steak
Australian T-Bone Steak

Aside from locally sourced steaks, another steak option that people love having at Arce Haus is none other than their Australian T-Bone Steak (Php 590). Now, this one, truly, will have you drooling in no time because that’s how it went for us once this was served on our table. We just really took our time with this and it was heavenly!

Classic Sundae

Of course, as we obviously spent a savory time here at Arce Haus, we also did not think twice about ending things on a sweet note with them. We decided to grab a glass of their well-loved Chocolate Shake (Php 199) alongside their delectable Strawberry (Php 195), Classic (Php 195), and Ube (Php 195) Sundaes.

Visit Arce Haus at Robinsons Magnolia today to experience their promise of a good time! You could also check them out on Facebook and Instagram to know more about all the lusciousness that is just waiting for you!

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