Are you bready? Yamato Bakery Café by UCC got some yummy nomnoms you won’t be able to resist!

With a bunch of things on your to-do list, you sure will be needing more energy you can imagine and what is best to provide you that energy? Carbs! And so what carbs are great for energy, fun to delectably eat, and is a hand-held treat? Your guess is right; it is no other but some tasty bread!

Bread has always been an easy food to love especially when you are in a rush to go to work, to school, or to anywhere that you are trying to be in and so Yamato Bakery Café by UCC is here to bring you not only fabulous Japanese breads, but also pastries, cakes, and more!

Yamato Bakery Café has a ton of delightful selections that would bring not only a smile on your face, but satisfaction to your gurgling tummy as well, and with that here is a bunch of delicious pastries that would absolutely make you say, “I loaf you dough much!”…

Souffle Cheesecake (Slice Php 188 | Whole Php 680)

Chizu Lava Tart (Php 88)

Start your day with the light, creamy, and cheesy, Souffle Cheesecake (Slice Php 188 | Whole Php 680) that is not to ruin your calorie watch because this one is actually made with fewer calories than a standard cheesecake as this one contains less cheese and sugar. For a cheesier journey, gobble down these lovely Chizu Lava Tart (Php 88) that are just heavenly for cheese lovers. The crumble in every bite is just another fun thing to love about this one!

Takoyaki Bun (Php 98)

Chicken Pie (Php 98)

And in the spirit of delighting in the yumminess of what Japan has to offer, grab yourself one or maybe even two of this Takoyaki Bun (Php 98) for some scrumptious savor that your palate will totally relish in. Follow that up with another savory lusciousness that is worth more than just a try, the Chicken Pie (Php 98)!This one is not only a huge tasty triangle, but also one that would fill you up for the long day ahead.

Strawberry Crème Brulee (Php 248)

Strawberry Danish (Php 88)

Blueberry Danish (Php 88)

Mixed Fruit Danish (Php 98)

After having some cheesy and savory adventure goodness, have a fill of fruity fun nomnoms such as the Strawberry Crème Brulee (Php 248) and the Strawberry Danish (Php 88) which will both remind you of your innocent childhood memories when everything was just a breeze. Other Danish fruity variants that Yamato Bakery Café by UCC has are the Blueberry Danish (Php 88) and the Mixed Fruit Danish (Php 98) which are both glazed beautifully and have that lovely taste!

Lastly, Yamato Bakery Café has a bunch of croissants that would totally fill you up! Enjoy in a ton of different croissant options such as White Chocolate Croissant (Php 98) and Almond Croissant (Php 118) which are both gorgeously made as both are sure a tease to the eyes and to the taste buds which will make you grab for more croissants that are perfect for on-the-go such as the Mini Croissants which comes in various variants as well like Green Tea (Piece Php 28 | Pack of 5 Php 130), Chocolate (Piece Php 23 | Pack of 5 Php 105), and Maple (Piece Php 20 | Pack of 5 Php 90).

Truly, Yamato Bakery Café will make any pastry fanatic feel like they are in their own version of heaven especially even just by entering; you will automatically get a taste of what is inside by being lulled with the delicious scent of all the pastries they have on hand!

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